Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Senate Dems Get Another Fine

Another entry in the Journal of the Laughable as it concerns the State Senate Democrats who are endlessly lecturing us on clean elections and trying to convince us that they are our clean elections saviors.

However, for the second time this year one of their caucus members has been slapped with a hefty fine for gross election law violations. Senator Joe Crisco of Woodbridge has been fined $4,000 because he forged campaign finance documents.

Crisco joins his fellow Democrat Tom Gaffey of Meriden who was recently fined $6,000 because he double-billed his PAC for items he already had been reimbursed for by the state.

When a Republican steps out of line, you can count on Senate President Don Williams wagging a finger and firing off press releases like a cow fires out shit. But he is conspicuously silent on the conduct of his caucus members. With examples like Gaffey and Crisco in their caucus it continues to be impossible to give them any credibility.

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