Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Voice, One Vote... Unless You're a Donovan Rump-Swab.

Ted Mann of the New London Day really rolled it into a cone and stuffed it deep concerning a clownish display by Connecticut House Democrats this week.

Mann takes note of how the passage of the "popular vote" bill ended up passing late Tuesday evening.

On a bill that reforms the way Connecticut's electoral votes are assigned, it had appeared that the opposition Republicans joined by a substantial number of Democrats had narrowly defeated the bill by a vote of 72-73.

That's when the parade of retards began. And who finer than to lead a parade of retards than Rep. Peter Tercyak of New Britain? Says Mann:

As jeers echoed in the chamber, from Republicans and some Democrats too, Tercyak remarked that he wished others could have heard the enlightening pep talk he had heard in the moments after House Speaker Christopher Donovan and the Democratic leadership realized their side was going to lose. That is, the tongue-lashing he took from his party leadership instructing him to take one for the team, change his vote and prevent the powerful Democratic majority from losing a battle – even on a bill that obviously has tepid support among Democrats and is unlikely to pass in the Senate.

Tercyak is not known for his brain power. He has previously suggested that the DOT should only plow one lane of highway during blizzards to save money to give to non-profits (he works for a non-profit). Anyway, his dignified display was soon followed by Democratic Reps. Peggy Sayers, Bob Godfrey, and Buddy Altobello, who all also switched to "yes."

Mann points out that they each make an extra $6,000 or so per year because they have leadership titles, and that these folks took it on the chin as loyal rump-swabs to the Donovan gang. I suppose that is a typical enough motivation. There's a massive budget deficit, and these folks all voted to keep their salaries intact ala Coach Calhoun ("Not one dime!!").

These are also the people who endlessly lecture us about taking the money out of politics with their crappy taxpayer-funded campaign finance system. But what they have just demonstrated is that when push comes to shove, they can be moved off a principled position and motivated to vote the way they are instructed because of $6,000 extra, their constituents be damned.

Does that sound like the money is out of politics to you?

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mccommas said...

Well actually No it doesn't sound like money is now out of politics.
I heard about this stupid idea a while back though the details escape me now.

It is a bad idea for lots of reasons but foremost because if it isn't unconstitutional than it certainly is at least very dismissive of the highest law of the land.

Over and over I keep reading about one unconstitutional proposal after another. The Democrats in this state seem to have nothing but contempt for our forefathers.
I keep catching myself talk about how things are always unconstitutional and I kinda see others seeing me. I wonder if they think that I think every bad idea is unconstitutional but I don't.

There is a whole galaxy of bad ideas out there that are perfectly constitutional. The Democrats in this state however seem to go out of their way to trash the Constitution whether that is Kelo, the plan B pill bill, the Catholic church bill, Don Williams speech codes bill and so on.

Maybe they can order some toilet paper that has the Constitution on it so they can wipe their asses with it every day?