Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Democratic State Chair Nancy DiNardo showed up at the State Capitol yesterday to decry the sinister Governor M. Jodi Rell in a laughable, inarticulate, fat-tongued whine that we are happy to see was caught on film by CT News Junk.

I am please to see that she has heeded advice to stop wearing plasticated animal pelts as clothes. This outfit looks like it was actually made out some kind of cloth.

She feels the Governor needs to explain why she did not heed the advice of her own legal counsel concerning an attempt to line item veto portions of a budget she would not sign.

I think what is in greater need of explanation is why legislative Democrats facing a $9 billion deficit refused to make significant cuts to our bloated government and chose to bond such a large portion of it.

Thanks for the boring rhetoric Nancy. Ct Dems can put you back in the closet so you can continue drooling into a cup now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

House of Cards

While the arrogance of absolute power was busy writing a new chapter for itself in the Connecticut General Assembly on Monday evening as legislative Democrats rammed home a paycheck-inhaling tax increase, a pair of imbecile House members managed to make national news, further distinguishing our legislature of statesmen and scholars.

Democratic Reps Barbara Lambert of Milford and Jack Hennessy of Bridgeport were caught on film by the Associated Press playing solitaire on their computers during House debate. The dignified moment quickly spread across the Internet.

This small gesture demonstrates what we already know: Democrats are not listening to anyone, they are indifferent to options that don't include taxing the Hell out of us, and they are too classy to be caught playing Mine Sweeper.

Stay tuned for the next session when Hennessy promises to rock out on some Clapton on Guitar Hero during public hearings.

Unfortunately Lambert and Hennessy aren't the only two Jokers in the deck.