Friday, September 26, 2008

Murtha Forker

You may recall the fat, scurillous and traitorous d-bag John Murtha, the Democratic Congressman from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, who repeatedly stated that United States Marines had slaughtered innocent civilians in cold blood in an incident in Haditha in November, 2005.

After being exonerated, one of the Marines is suing Murtha. Charges remain for only one Marine, Fank Wuterich,which I wrote about here.

Now Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt is filing a defamation lawsuit against Murtha for his rhetoric.

Murtha is a former Marine and I respect his service. But clearly something has been damaged inside of his small brain. He is a poster child for the debased, liberal left in Washington that have no restrictions on the kind of vile things they will do or say just to score cheap political points.

He is a pile of excreta who deserves to be defeated this November. Hopefully the Johnstown folks can do something about that.

How we got here...


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Slamming Murphy on Energy

State Senator David Cappiello has released another ad, this time taking Chris Murphy to task on energy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Passion of the Clintons

When Chris Shays was roasted over the coals by the leftwing blogosphere with a fictitious quote over Governor Sarah Palin's candidacy for Vice president, their cheap, theatrical outrage could not be quieted.

They reasoned that it was a vicious attack on all women to insinuate that women would vote for Sarah Palin just because she was a woman. Blah blah blah.

However, there is THIS demonstrating that voters for Hillary Clinton are not making it easy for Barack Obama to win them over. In fact, according to this, Hillary voters "find Obama less likable, honest, experienced and inspiring than Democrats overall do, and have a better view of McCain. And while majorities of Clinton supporters say Obama shares their values and understands ordinary Americans, they're less likely to say so than Democrats overall."

In other news, former President Bill Clinton referred to Governor Palin as "hot." Luckily, Palin seems well-protected by the Secret Service enough to prevent any of Bill's Arkansas State Troopers from dragging her into a hotel room for the former president's pleasure.

Perhaps now we know the real reason why Hillary declined to appear with Palin at an anti-Iran event.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Arrogance 101: A Lesson by House Democrats

Last Friday Republican State Chairman Chris Healy filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commisson against Democratic State Representative Tom Kehoe (D-Glastonbury) for distributing legislative reports as campaign material while going door-to-door in his district, a violation of state campaign finance law.

The materials Kehoe used are printed at the expense of taxpayers and are prohibited by law from being pinted or mailed after July 15th in an election year.

While to some there may seem to be no difference between the trash politicians fill our mailboxes with in an election cycle, and the trash they fill our mailboxes with during the rest of the year, the line is drawn in the law.

Kehoe denied that it was illegal to do what he did. Guess what? He's wrong.

"They were not printed or mailed after July 15th and I was under the impression that they're informative and useful to people," he said. Useful to him, I suppose.

For low-rent politicos like Tom Kehoe, I suspect it isn't enough for the state to have passed legislation allowing his ilk to use taxpayer funds for campaigns, and create a campaign finance system where even those who oppose the use of taxpayer funds to pay for their campaigns have no chance to compete... no no... on top of that he needs to use OTHER taxpayer funded items to further his political career.

So, does this bilk the taxpayer to a large sum? No. Is it that big a deal in the great scheme of things? Probably not... it is likely a small offense. But the fact that he has done this knowing the letter of the law as an attorney and a legislator, and his response to the accusation, should tell you everything you need to know about third-rate, bottom-of-the-barrel politicians like Kehoe.

They are arrogant. They think they are special. They are above the rules they make for everyone else. And it is snakey shit like this that makes everyone love those bad-breathed, mismatched jacket and tie politicians.

Biden: Pay Taxes to be a Patriot

Every once in a while, Democrats slip a litte and tell you exactly what their views are without the slick polish of nuanced rhetoric.

Obama's number two man, and fellow plagiarist, Joe Biden, never had much polish to begin with. and he let this gem go on expecting Americans to pay more:

“It’s time to be patriotic … time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.”

Thanks, Joe! Only such a blind partisan could have failed to learn that no country can tax itself into prosperity. I especially like the way he played up the patriotic aspect of paying taxes. That really appeals to my inner American.
It's especially repugnant to me to hear this kind of nonsense coming from Biden, considering how unpatriotic his ticket is... what with their prefering us to lose wars.

So, just in case you had a dream of a potential gigantic Obama tax cut in the offing if he were elected president... well... WAKE UP.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Saturday Night Live has produced some brilliant comedians with respectable careers. Al Franken isn't one of them.

Now, after having been a radio host on Air America, which had about eleven listeners, he is a DFL candidate seeking a Minnesota US Senate seat.

He's pretty centered, too, as you can see.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm Helping My Left Nutmeg

My Left Nut Smeg has posted this advertisement bashing Governor Palin and has asked that her savage brutality be exposed, and we all share it with as many people as possible. I am posting it here to do my part!

Why? Because I think garbage like this is laughably ineffective, and reveals the desperation Obama's supporters have resorted to in trying to get everyone to think Palin is an evil, vile beast. Keep screaming from Buffalo Bill's basement, liberals! I'll even help you scream! AAAGGHHHHH!

Meanwhile, amid all the Palin bashing, in the latest Rasmussen poll, McCain has opened up a three-point lead over Obama nation-wide.

Oh yeah, and if you want to know why Palin supports aerial hunting permits in Alaska, permits which are issued in many other western states for coyotes, wolves and foxes, it's to curb the threat of blooming predator populations in areas where moose and caribou are endangered.

I find it interesting that the idiotic Wildlife group that put this ad together cares a lot about wolves being shot, but not too much about caribou and moose populations being exterminated by overgrown wolf populations.

It's the circle of life. Deal with it.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pssst...! The Palin-Bashing Isn't Working!

The leftwing media continues it's moronic, desperate and angry attacks on John McCain's Vice presidential candidate, Governor Sarah Palin. That was a strategy that worked really well in 1988 against Dan Quayle... forgetting about the person who is actually running for president.

Charles Gibson of ABC interviewed Palin and discussed the issue between Russia and Georgia. Palin said she would favor including Georgia and the Ukraine in NATO. Gibson asked if she favored that even if it meant war with Russia, and she said "perhaps." She then pointed out that the agreement between nations in NATO is that they will defend each other if attacked. She felt that there were diplomatic solutions to the problem, however.

The headline, of course, became "Palin Doesn't Rule out War with Russia."

Now, contrast this with the free pass that Barack Obama got when he took three days of unadulterated stupidity over the Georgia question. When the war between Russia and Georgia broke out, McCain expressed support for Georgia. What did Obama do? First, he acted as though both sides had excellent points, ignoring the naked aggression of Russia. Then he recommended that the UN Security Council take up the problem, apparently unaware that Russia has a seat, and a veto, on the Security Council. Then on the third day, he took the same position John McCain had taken at the outset.

That was the performance of the guy in the ONE slot for the Democrats. The reaction of the media? Silence.

The more they escalate the attacks on Palin, the more voters they are squeezing through their fingers, and out of their hands. And it is a delight to watch them destroy themselves with their own anger and hate.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jumpin' on Joe

Connecticut Democrats can't let it go. They have turned their rabid hatred and anger at Joe Lieberman into an obsession. And it is delicious fun to watch! Mua ha ha ha ha!

News Junk has a nice piece on members of the Democratic State Central Committee attempting to censure the Senator. Audrey Blondin, a member of the DSCC apparently authored a laughable resolution that the committee will consider on September 24th.

The resolution, in short, asks Lieberman to resign from the Democratic Party. Well, here we go again! Lieberman has the right to affiliate with the party of his choosing, and here come the big party "bosses" telling him what to do... again.

Lieberman is a waste of time at this point for Connecticut Democrats. The appropriate time to do something about him has long passed. Now Lieberman is just making Connecticut Democrats look like drooling morons, especially when they put on displays like this.

My advice to my friends on the left is to let it go... you have other concerns, like that third presidential election in a row you need to get busy losing. Focus!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Romulan Attack Across Cyber Space

Much is being made across the Universe about Romulan Commander Rosa DeLauro's recent attacks on Congressman Christopher Shays. It is certainly unusual for a sitting member of Congress to attack another in this fashion, especially when they are in the same delegation, and are not running against one another. But comity has never been the strong suit of our Connecticut Democrats.

I must extend credit to CT Bob for capturing her rant as seen above.

There's really a few problems here. First, The video of Chris Shays that the leftwing Nutroots are peddling as Shays's offensive remarks against women includes no such quote as "Connecticut voters will be happy just because there is a woman on the ticket." I don't blame CT Bob, he just documented a quote provided by DeLauro. I blame DeLauro, who is basically lying about what Shays actually said.

You can see the interview below, courtesy of MLN:

Now, this MSNBC interview with Andrea Mitchel is of course as awkward as most of her work. She makes the cast of The View look like NASA scientists. But Shays makes solid sense in his responses to her sycophantic interrogation. The presumption of liberal women like DeLauro is that only the success of liberal women is good for all women. She appears unable to see that not all women agree with her narrow liberal agenda.

DeLauro says nothing about the lefties who asserted Governor Palin should not be Vice President because she should be at home taking care of her children. Nor did she say anything about the absurd leftie blog rumors claiming Palin's youngest child was actually her daughter's. These are the things that are insulting to women. And DeLauro may want to visit us from Romulus a little more often so she can get in touch with what human females actually think.

Instead, we get brilliant liberal blogs like this piece of trash making fun of Palin's four month old son with Down syndrome. Pure genius.

A Distinguished Endorsement for Obama

Laughing at this is almost like booing at the Special Olympics. This will be painful for most people to watch. Do it anyway. It's important to see the mental incapacity of liberal celeb-utards to assemble a cogent thought from the fetid debris inside their walnut-sized brains.

Here we have Mr. Sean Puffy Combs, Daddy Puff-Puff, or whatever the hell he's calling himself at the moment issuing a searing indictment of McCain's pick of Sarah Palin for vice president.

Among his withering criticisms are that McCain should have picked Michelle Obama as his vice presidential candidate instead, because it would be "strategic and fly," and his repeated rejoinder that McCain is "bugging the f*** out."

Mr. Puffy Pants once headed up the "Vote or Die" campaign. Unfortunately, he didn't do either in 2004.

Obama's Disposable Flag

You can certainly get at least a little taste of the tepid patriotism of Democrats when they apparently leave behind trash bags of American flags that were used at Invesco Field for Obama's nomination acceptance speech.

Apparently some 12,000 miniature flags in perfect serviceable order were discarded by the Obama folks after the speech. The McCain campaign collected the flags and used them for their own rally.

Naturally, the Obama folks pretended to be outraged at this attack on their patriotism. They claimed the flags were stolen to pull off a political stunt, and that they hadn't yet come back to collect the flags. Pretty hard to believe since the trash bags full of flags were piled up next to refuse bins, clearly intended to be tossed in the garbage.

If Barack Obama doesn't want to wear an American flag on his lapel, I could care less. But throwing 12,000 flags in the trash is over the top. The reality here is that Barack Obama didn't personally throw these flags out... his supporters and organizers did. And that tells you an awful lot about these people.

Democrats want to protect your right to burn the American flag in protest. I may surprise some of my conservative friends by saying that if someone wants to do that, I think they should have the right. Consequently, I have the right to think of them as un-American, and question their patriotism.

Burning flags in protest is one thing. Stupidly consigning scores of them to be combined with coffee grounds, tomato skins and banana peels comes right down to only one simple issue; respect for your country. It can be seen that these Obama supporters are running a few quarts low on that.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lieberman to Remain a Democrat

Joe Lieberman continues to irritate the wild-eyed, arrogant and angry activists that increasingly make up the Connecticut Democratic Party.

As we all know, Lieberman heartily endorses Republican John McCain for president. Today it is reported that Joe Lieberman has no intention of leaving the Democratic Party, despite the fact that Connecticut Democrats are desperate to cough him up like a hairball.

The brain box behind this effort appears to be a Democratic state representative named Jason Bartlett from Bethel, who is evidently the embodiment of the arrogant liberal Democrat who believes that they can dictate who can and cannot affiliate with the party of their choosing, regardless of small obstacles such as the U.S. Constitution and the Connecticut Constitution.

Lieberman, victorious in his independent Senate run in 2006, can not be thrown off the Democratic Party rolls unless, according to state law, he ran as a candidate on the ballot line of another party. He petitioned on for his independent bid, and therefore he cannot be removed.

Says the brilliant Bartlett:

"It's really over the top and embarrassing for the state to have our senator endorsing the Republican candidate for the presidency. I have a problem with that, the party should have a problem with that, and he should no longer be a Democrat."

Bartlett is apparently an arrogant, unseasoned Democratic freshman who makes his inexperience and foolishness nakedly obvious. He is exactly the kind of intolerant Democrat that is increasingly the hallmark of a party that has grown inflexible and dogmatic. Lieberman differs from his Democratic brethren on only one issue; the War in Iraq. For this and this alone, they are desperate to excommunicate him.

Unfortunately for these self-righteous, pompous party leaders, they will be stuck with Lieberman for as long as Lieberman desires to dirty himself with the distinction of technically being a Democrat.

Back to Back Homers

Last night I think I was more stirred than at any other point during the entire lead up to this election.

Rudy Giuliani and Governor Sarah Palin both gave incredible speeches back to back, "hitting it out of the park" as they say.

The libs are hard at work this morning, trying to discredit the speeches. All eyes were on Palin, and a poor performance would have been detrimental. She met the moment with composure, command, and style.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Glass Kitchen

In my humble opinion, John McCain's choice of a running mate last Friday hit it out of the park. Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin is a Republican with executive experience and excellent conservative credentials.

Naturally, this is a tremendous threat to the left, and has ironically set them on a path of attack that borders on overt sexism.

The treatment by the Obama campaign of Hillary Clinton certainly was an opening salvo against women, and the continued drum beat from these leftwing fanatics has marched on toward Governor Palin. Doubt it?

Why then, are the attacks on Palin centering around why she isn't home with five children? They scoff at the notion that Palin can be a mother AND Vice President. I thought the left wanted to shatter the glass ceiling. Instead, they'd rather apparently see her in a glass kitchen. Add to that the distasteful rumor-mongering that Gov. Palin's youngest son with Down Syndrome was actually her daughter Bristol's child, and the glee with which the left has leapt on her seventeen-year-old daughter's actual pregnancy, and you get a very disgusting picture of an anti-woman left.

Somehow, the left is trying to sell Palin as a hypocrite... they sneer at her abstinence approach and chortle to their arrogant selves, amused that her daughter is now pregnant. The truth is in how such people handle these kids of challenges. This family has chosen to keep this child, in keeping with their conservative pro-life values. They don't just talk it, they live it.

In the meantime, while all these "journalists" play with themselves over a teen's pregnancy, and prattle about her "INEXPERIENCE" they ignore Barack Obama's obvious inability to become president, reflected in his three days of response over the Russian/Georgian incident last month. Fist Obama gave moral equivalence to the Russian and Georgian positions, and then recommended sending the matter to the United Nations, apparently forgetting that Russia has a veto on the Security Council. Duh!

The left are now trying to say that the experience issue is dead because of the selection of Palin. I'm sure they deeply wish that were so. Unfortunately for them , the McCain-Palin ticket has the experience and youth in the right order.