Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Passion of the Clintons

When Chris Shays was roasted over the coals by the leftwing blogosphere with a fictitious quote over Governor Sarah Palin's candidacy for Vice president, their cheap, theatrical outrage could not be quieted.

They reasoned that it was a vicious attack on all women to insinuate that women would vote for Sarah Palin just because she was a woman. Blah blah blah.

However, there is THIS demonstrating that voters for Hillary Clinton are not making it easy for Barack Obama to win them over. In fact, according to this, Hillary voters "find Obama less likable, honest, experienced and inspiring than Democrats overall do, and have a better view of McCain. And while majorities of Clinton supporters say Obama shares their values and understands ordinary Americans, they're less likely to say so than Democrats overall."

In other news, former President Bill Clinton referred to Governor Palin as "hot." Luckily, Palin seems well-protected by the Secret Service enough to prevent any of Bill's Arkansas State Troopers from dragging her into a hotel room for the former president's pleasure.

Perhaps now we know the real reason why Hillary declined to appear with Palin at an anti-Iran event.


Connecticut Man1 said...

Obama is up in every poll and the only thing Palin has solidified is the uber-ultra-conservative Christo-wingbats and she is running off moderates and indies because of her extremist views.

I was looking at the internals of a couple of recent national polls. What struck me as odd was that the minority of "McCain supporters" voting for John McCain were actually voting "for McCain" and the majority, by a long shot, were voting for him only because he was the republican candidate or because they were voting against Obama. Not even near half of the people voting for McCain seem to like him as their candidate.

John Kerry like support for a George Bush like candidate.

On the other hand, Democrats and Obama supporters, by a long shot as well, were actually voting for and strongly supported Obama.

CT Bob said...

The link to the story about Hillary supporters also has a poll that shows them preferring Obama over McCain 58-28%. That ain't half bad!

And that having Palin on McCain's ticket was a wash on voters being more likely and less likely to vote Republican, while around 60% says it makes no difference.

The quote you're referring to, while it might not be perfectly quoted, it certainly maintains the original intent of Shays's words. He thinks women are predisposed to make their choice based on gender.

Lastly, McCain lost George Will. That's a bad sign for your team.

Suggestion: in the settings section of Blogger, you might consider setting the Comments so they open their own window. It makes referring back to the article easier while composing.

mccommas said...

Connecticut Man1

Try a do-over. I could not make much out of that.

* * *

CT Bob. 28 percent is A LOT of Democrats -- if that number can be believed. That's your own base. If your base is not with you than you are going to lose.

No one ever said that most Hillary voter will defect but it won't take half plus one to make a difference in a close election.

I will take 28 percent. I like that number just fine. I would be thrilled with 20 percent.

- Oh and you can hit the text "show original post" if you want to refer to something HH said.