Sunday, September 7, 2008

Romulan Attack Across Cyber Space

Much is being made across the Universe about Romulan Commander Rosa DeLauro's recent attacks on Congressman Christopher Shays. It is certainly unusual for a sitting member of Congress to attack another in this fashion, especially when they are in the same delegation, and are not running against one another. But comity has never been the strong suit of our Connecticut Democrats.

I must extend credit to CT Bob for capturing her rant as seen above.

There's really a few problems here. First, The video of Chris Shays that the leftwing Nutroots are peddling as Shays's offensive remarks against women includes no such quote as "Connecticut voters will be happy just because there is a woman on the ticket." I don't blame CT Bob, he just documented a quote provided by DeLauro. I blame DeLauro, who is basically lying about what Shays actually said.

You can see the interview below, courtesy of MLN:

Now, this MSNBC interview with Andrea Mitchel is of course as awkward as most of her work. She makes the cast of The View look like NASA scientists. But Shays makes solid sense in his responses to her sycophantic interrogation. The presumption of liberal women like DeLauro is that only the success of liberal women is good for all women. She appears unable to see that not all women agree with her narrow liberal agenda.

DeLauro says nothing about the lefties who asserted Governor Palin should not be Vice President because she should be at home taking care of her children. Nor did she say anything about the absurd leftie blog rumors claiming Palin's youngest child was actually her daughter's. These are the things that are insulting to women. And DeLauro may want to visit us from Romulus a little more often so she can get in touch with what human females actually think.

Instead, we get brilliant liberal blogs like this piece of trash making fun of Palin's four month old son with Down syndrome. Pure genius.

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mccommas said...

When have you ever known Romulans to tell the truth?

Nope. Nothing there in Shay's comments that can justify what she said.

I would not mind though if he lost so long as we pick up a real Republican in the 2nd or the 5th.

Or maybe both :)