Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lieberman to Remain a Democrat

Joe Lieberman continues to irritate the wild-eyed, arrogant and angry activists that increasingly make up the Connecticut Democratic Party.

As we all know, Lieberman heartily endorses Republican John McCain for president. Today it is reported that Joe Lieberman has no intention of leaving the Democratic Party, despite the fact that Connecticut Democrats are desperate to cough him up like a hairball.

The brain box behind this effort appears to be a Democratic state representative named Jason Bartlett from Bethel, who is evidently the embodiment of the arrogant liberal Democrat who believes that they can dictate who can and cannot affiliate with the party of their choosing, regardless of small obstacles such as the U.S. Constitution and the Connecticut Constitution.

Lieberman, victorious in his independent Senate run in 2006, can not be thrown off the Democratic Party rolls unless, according to state law, he ran as a candidate on the ballot line of another party. He petitioned on for his independent bid, and therefore he cannot be removed.

Says the brilliant Bartlett:

"It's really over the top and embarrassing for the state to have our senator endorsing the Republican candidate for the presidency. I have a problem with that, the party should have a problem with that, and he should no longer be a Democrat."

Bartlett is apparently an arrogant, unseasoned Democratic freshman who makes his inexperience and foolishness nakedly obvious. He is exactly the kind of intolerant Democrat that is increasingly the hallmark of a party that has grown inflexible and dogmatic. Lieberman differs from his Democratic brethren on only one issue; the War in Iraq. For this and this alone, they are desperate to excommunicate him.

Unfortunately for these self-righteous, pompous party leaders, they will be stuck with Lieberman for as long as Lieberman desires to dirty himself with the distinction of technically being a Democrat.


mccommas said...

Maybe at some point they will get so arrogant they will just simply explode?

Headless Horseman said...

You mean, that hasn't happened already?

mccommas said...

I mean in a literal sense. We would have to clean up their exploding heads.

That would be a mess but think of the peace, quiet and blesssed reasonableness afterwards.