Friday, September 26, 2008

Murtha Forker

You may recall the fat, scurillous and traitorous d-bag John Murtha, the Democratic Congressman from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, who repeatedly stated that United States Marines had slaughtered innocent civilians in cold blood in an incident in Haditha in November, 2005.

After being exonerated, one of the Marines is suing Murtha. Charges remain for only one Marine, Fank Wuterich,which I wrote about here.

Now Lance Corporal Justin Sharratt is filing a defamation lawsuit against Murtha for his rhetoric.

Murtha is a former Marine and I respect his service. But clearly something has been damaged inside of his small brain. He is a poster child for the debased, liberal left in Washington that have no restrictions on the kind of vile things they will do or say just to score cheap political points.

He is a pile of excreta who deserves to be defeated this November. Hopefully the Johnstown folks can do something about that.


mccommas said...

Dirty Bird John Murtha.

I stepped in some dog shit today.
That made me think of John Murtha.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>I stepped in some dog shit today.
That made me think of John Murtha.

You's weird.

I was shopping with my wife, strolling through the vegetable dept. and the same thing happened to me!