Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Glass Kitchen

In my humble opinion, John McCain's choice of a running mate last Friday hit it out of the park. Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin is a Republican with executive experience and excellent conservative credentials.

Naturally, this is a tremendous threat to the left, and has ironically set them on a path of attack that borders on overt sexism.

The treatment by the Obama campaign of Hillary Clinton certainly was an opening salvo against women, and the continued drum beat from these leftwing fanatics has marched on toward Governor Palin. Doubt it?

Why then, are the attacks on Palin centering around why she isn't home with five children? They scoff at the notion that Palin can be a mother AND Vice President. I thought the left wanted to shatter the glass ceiling. Instead, they'd rather apparently see her in a glass kitchen. Add to that the distasteful rumor-mongering that Gov. Palin's youngest son with Down Syndrome was actually her daughter Bristol's child, and the glee with which the left has leapt on her seventeen-year-old daughter's actual pregnancy, and you get a very disgusting picture of an anti-woman left.

Somehow, the left is trying to sell Palin as a hypocrite... they sneer at her abstinence approach and chortle to their arrogant selves, amused that her daughter is now pregnant. The truth is in how such people handle these kids of challenges. This family has chosen to keep this child, in keeping with their conservative pro-life values. They don't just talk it, they live it.

In the meantime, while all these "journalists" play with themselves over a teen's pregnancy, and prattle about her "INEXPERIENCE" they ignore Barack Obama's obvious inability to become president, reflected in his three days of response over the Russian/Georgian incident last month. Fist Obama gave moral equivalence to the Russian and Georgian positions, and then recommended sending the matter to the United Nations, apparently forgetting that Russia has a veto on the Security Council. Duh!

The left are now trying to say that the experience issue is dead because of the selection of Palin. I'm sure they deeply wish that were so. Unfortunately for them , the McCain-Palin ticket has the experience and youth in the right order.


mccommas said...

Every Republican I have talked to LOVEs her. It’s like an decrepit old man has suddenly regenerated into a bright healthy smart young lady. Everything is new again!

The nonpolitical types are all responding to the MSM take on her the same way: "She has more experience than Barrack Obama".
(Plus she isn’t wrong on all the issues)

McCain wanted to pick Joe Lieberman but his advisors got him to do the smart thing. McCain must really want to win.

Well it’s been said over and over but I will say it again. McCain struck gold. Where have they been hiding her? Oh yeah. Alaska.

Are there any more up there?

Picking her is the best political play I have seen since we nominated Ronald Reagan.
Recall the MSM back then thought that was a crazy decision too.

This choice solves so many problems in one fell swoop of the ax. Its a whole new ballgame now.

I have watched her acceptance speech four times! I have it on tape. The best part is when she brings out her son in her arms. See? Its not a choice. It's a baby! His name is Trig. Her other son is off to Iraq on Sept 11th.

Does it get any more America than that?

The polls are already beginning to show a tide in favor of McCain.

The funny thing about the rumor they started where she fakes her pregnancy and the kid is “really” her grandbaby is that such actually happened

-- on Desperate Housewives. I watch the show.

Democrats can't tell the difference between reality and a fictional TV show. So it wasn’t even an original lie.

How pathetic is that?

Headless Horseman said...

The pick is excellent. You can tell by how insanely rabid the left have gotten over her selection, and their attempts to demean her.

Watching a leftist who is supposedly a feminist argue that she should be home with five children instead of Vice President... seeing that unrepentent asshole Bill Maher refer to her as a "stewardess"... I love it. It shows just how sexist they actually are.

mccommas said...
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mccommas said...

I will see your Bill Maher and raise you one Keith Oberman. Now there is an asshole!

I always watch Fox but I flipped to MSNBC to see how they were painting the story and he is "correcting" some of the "inaccurate" statements even as they were still talking.

Since you brought him up, I can’t look at Maher and not be reminded for some weird reason of the cartoon character “Mumbly”. He was the team-captain of the “Really Rottens” on the “Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics” in the late 70’s.

Before your time, I will bet!

“ Mumbly is a cartoon dog character famous for his wheezy laugh. Mumbly does not really talk; he mumbles and grumbles unintelligibly, and often uses his trademark snicker, a wheezing asthmatic laugh”. He also never failed to cheat.

Does that sound like Maher to you?

I don’t know why. Must be the “unintelligibly” part.