Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama's Disposable Flag

You can certainly get at least a little taste of the tepid patriotism of Democrats when they apparently leave behind trash bags of American flags that were used at Invesco Field for Obama's nomination acceptance speech.

Apparently some 12,000 miniature flags in perfect serviceable order were discarded by the Obama folks after the speech. The McCain campaign collected the flags and used them for their own rally.

Naturally, the Obama folks pretended to be outraged at this attack on their patriotism. They claimed the flags were stolen to pull off a political stunt, and that they hadn't yet come back to collect the flags. Pretty hard to believe since the trash bags full of flags were piled up next to refuse bins, clearly intended to be tossed in the garbage.

If Barack Obama doesn't want to wear an American flag on his lapel, I could care less. But throwing 12,000 flags in the trash is over the top. The reality here is that Barack Obama didn't personally throw these flags out... his supporters and organizers did. And that tells you an awful lot about these people.

Democrats want to protect your right to burn the American flag in protest. I may surprise some of my conservative friends by saying that if someone wants to do that, I think they should have the right. Consequently, I have the right to think of them as un-American, and question their patriotism.

Burning flags in protest is one thing. Stupidly consigning scores of them to be combined with coffee grounds, tomato skins and banana peels comes right down to only one simple issue; respect for your country. It can be seen that these Obama supporters are running a few quarts low on that.


mccommas said...

"And that tells you an awful lot about these people".

It sure does.

Robert Simmons told me he didn't even put flags on his brochures because it pains him to see the image of the flag on the ground. He has learned through experience that’s what happens to handouts at fairs and such.

His mug, fine. But not the flag.

It all has to do with how a person is raised.

Considering the church the Obamas went to for 20 years, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise I guess.

Good for the McCain camp and the Boy Scouts for commandeering those Old Glories for their own rally.

Surely the Republicans took them home as keepsakes.

Headless Horseman said...

I think it is very strange behavior... I would think conventioneers would take them home. But I guess many at that event tossed them aside with an "okay... I'm done pretending to be patriotic" attitude.

I'm not for outlawing flag desecration, but it stll pisses me off when I see it.