Thursday, September 11, 2008



mccommas said...
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mccommas said...

Sorry Bro, I couldn't watch the whole thing. I barely started and I had to turn it off. I remember.

The image most seared into my brain is that of a woman in standing in the crack of one of the towers. She was looking out for rescue at what must have been a helicopter hovering nearby (the one that took the picture). I am sure she died. I will never ever forget that image or that lady. I wish I knew her name. We failed her and the others.

I almost wish I could forget but that would be profoundly unwise. I believe 9-11 was a warning that something like that on a much larger scale would befall us if we weren't vigilant and ready. The Cold War may be over but the War on Terror has just begun.

We face an almost inevitability that the same sort of terrorists that attacked us 7 years ago will get their grubby hands on a nuclear bomb(s). Someday in our lifetime an American city will be destroyed by a terrorist’s nuclear bomb -- if we let it happen. That city could be D.C. while Congress is in session – mass-assassinating our elected officials.

Peace is not a natural state for us human beings. Peace is something that has to be enforced by laws, police, military, war ships and our nuclear weapons. Our culture is preserved by our ability to instill fear in our enemies. Spoiled peaceniks just don’t understand that.

Preventing a future mega-9-11 event would be a monumental task even if Americans were untied in the cause. In past wars we put aside differences and came together. Our grandfathers closed ranks and joined hands even though then the outcome was far from certain. America wasn’t a superpower when we joined WW II. Many young men never got the chance to produce offspring because they died for the cause as very young men.

I think people today tragically think that it defeating the Nazis, the Japanese and the Soviets was meant to be. It was always meant to just fall in place effortlessly.

The most important thing that happened on September 11th 2001 we don’t have pictures or video on. The passengers and crew of Flight 93 took a vote to take back the plane by force of their numbers.

We all know where that plane was going. It was headed for the Capital Building. They didn’t save themselves but they saved our form of government.

It is Flight 93, not the loss of those twin wonders in Manhattan that deserve the most acclaim.

The day I remember what happened most is not 9-11 but Election Day.