Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well, it's an interesting ad. Of course, I am damned glad Obama is not like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. Primarily because I can do without him getting out of a car with no underwear under his skirt exposing his genitalia, or having a drugged-out sex video of himself circulating the Internet.

But Obama did just proclaimed that we wouldn't be paying as much for fuel if we got our tire pressure checked. Sounds like we need a government program to properly inflate our tires!

Obama may be no Spears or Hilton, but he is most definitely a celebutard.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Lesser Candidate

As if the Connecticut General Assembly didn't already have too many liberal post-college adolescents who aspire to political grandeur while living in their parents' basement and wearing their dad's ill-fitting suit to work, now we get treated to the aptly named Matt Lesser.

Lesser is running for the 100th District in Middletown, and apparently intends to focus his keen and youthful energy on public policy questions while simultaneously dealing with confusing hormonal urges, new sprouts of downy hair on his chest and struggling with the question of when he'll need his first shave.

Lesser's campaign was today's damp pants highlight over at My Left Nutmeg. There's a twenty minute video there too where you can watch Matt's family and friends watch him give a speech with his head down reading off a note pad on a porch.

Some think that having an extraordinarily young candidate is a good thing; you get fresh ideas and energy. Unfortunately, what you usually get electing such children is immaturity, arrogance, and an office-holder irretrievably out of his depth.

Lesser's resume fascinates. You should check it out on his biography page, which includes a picture that is supposed to be the candidate meeting a constituent, but instead looks like a mom about to give her kid his Scooby-Doo lunch box before he catches the bus for class pictures day at school.

Shockingly, Wesleyan University has belched forth another liberal politico onto our streets. This one was president of the state College Democrats while there. He flatters himself by taking credit for Joe Courtney's victory in the 2nd district because he stopped some drunken UConn students from dropping bing cherries out of their asses into keg cups long enough for them to cast some votes.

Apparently Lesser got himself elected to a land use board in Middletown on the radical platform of actually being in favor of open space, a brave and controversial stance.

Perhaps the most perplexing thing about his half-bio is the passage that concludes that he " as Executive Director of an organization working to increase opportunities for young people interested in public service..." What the Hell does that mean? And why won't he name the organization? Strange. Doesn't sound like a real job to me, and it probably isn't.

So who's he running against? Republican incumbent Representative Ray Kalinowski, who is hardly a long-time incumbent, first elected in 2002. Kalinowski also served as Durham First Selectman from 1997-2001. He is an Air Force veteran and a former Secret Service Agent. Lesser is no competition for that kind of experience and service.

Lesser is trying to make a big deal about home heating oil prices. And indeed, it is an important issue. Maybe he can ask his fellow Democrats that currently have a tremendous legislative majority why they tax the oil so much, and why they haven't done a damned thing to help, and instead have glommed on to a plan by our Republican Governor.

Lesser is the archetypal liberal kid, probably well-meaning, but with too little of life under his belt to know what he's doing. His type are led around by the nose by political bosses all the time. Lesser doesn't want to lower your gas tax, and in fact apparently wants to raise your income tax to do away with that pesky property tax.

With Lesser, you will pay morer.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Whitnum for the Taliban

Whitnum: Give the Taliban Back Their Country

This continues to be funny. And sad. And weird. All at once. The inimitable Lee Whitnum, candidate for the Democratic nomination in the Fourth District had a "debate" yesterday with Jim Himes, the other Democratic candidate who wants to square off against Republicans Chris Shays in November.

Moderating honors fell to Tom Appleby of News 12, and it was most likely a highlight of his career, or at least a memorable moment.

Now, Whitnum, in all fairness, did manage to get herself on the ballot for the Democratic primary, and thus,in my opinion, is entitled to debate Himes, who is the chosen one of most Dems and libs in the district, and is certainly the leftwing blogosphere's favorite choice.

Whitnum is a moonbat. And after reading this, I really do wonder if she is retarded.

First, she showed up 20 minutes late for the event, and blamed traffic. Then she talked about the war on terror and blamed the U.S and Israel.

Whitnum, by contrast, must have made Himes appear to be a statesman. She ranted that we should not have invaded Afghanistan and should have "respected their sovereignty." Afghanistan's Taliban government, as we all recall, gave safe haven to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda terror training camps.

Whitnum not only displayed arrogance, rudeness with constant interruptions, and grotesque ignorance, but she truly deserves all the ignominy she has received. She has failed repeatedly to file campaign finance reports on time saying she doesn't want to fuel the bloggers who repeatedly brutalize her for her absurdity, ironically giving them more fuel.

As "Saramerica" Sarah Littman has pointed out, she has exploited her relationship with Senator John Kerry to try to sell books.

While she has been entertaining to watch, Whitnum is apparently too crazy to even be able to recognize how embarrassed she should be by her self.

If Whitnum really wants to sell books and get some money, maybe she could hook up with Mullah Omar. Then she could find happiness with someone she truly agrees with.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Special Session Once Again...

Our Full-Time Part-Time legislature, which according to our state constitution is supposed to convene this year from February to May, has managed to bring themselves in every month in 2008 so far.

In January the General Assembly got together to make minor changes to criminal justice laws so Democrats could pretend to be tough on crime while simultaneously rejecting three strikes proposals that would have made a real difference.
Then they went in from February to May, the session where they are supposed to make budget adjustments, and decided they were going to do nothing with the budget despite a huge looming deficit,

Then in June Democrats decided to come back because the real estate conveyance tax was scheduled to expire, and they couldn't allow that. They also prevented a one-half percent increase in the gross receipts tax on gasoline from taking place, so they could try to sell it as passing a gas tax cut, a typical sham from the Democratic majority.

Now, as June comes to a close, there is discussion of yet another "special" session. And these sessions are indeed "special," (See: Special Olympics).

The Associated Press reports that Governor Rell is meeting with leaders to reconvene the legislature before summer's end, to implement the plan she is calling for using our recently discovered $22 million surplus for a heating oil assistance program.

That's great, and Democrats love the idea. However, Republican calls for a cap on the gross receipts tax on gasoline ought to be addressed. But you can count on that not happening.

The General Assembly has truly distinguished itself this year. During the times they were required to be in session, they didn't do a damned thing. But during the times they are supposed to leave us the hell alone, go back to their law practices or plum non-profit and/or union shill jobs, instead they get together to do the greatest damage.

With a $150 million deficit projected for 2009, and Obama and the Democrats leading this state by 20 points, you can anticipate getting bent over the tax barrel and taking it roughly from behind for another two years. In fact, it's apparently already a monthly event.

A Hell Full of Worthless Animals

Liberal Courant columnist and WTIC radio host Colin McEnroe delivered a rather poignant piece over the weekend in which he acknowledged "malevolent commenters online will take my column and use it to call Hartford a hell full of worthless animals." I would hate to disappoint him at a point where he may be writing with some of his greatest clarity ever.

The column outlines a two-hour wait for the Hartford Police while a burglarized neighbor placed numerous calls and watched countless police cruisers pass to and fro, and details some rather frustrating exchanges with the thin blue line.

The central point of the column appears to be that finally, at this juncture, Colin McEnroe appears to have had enough of what Hartford has become. I congratulate him on finally coming to terms with the fact that Hartford is a dangerous place at night, and its public safety efforts, despite being augmented by state police during the warm months, is unable to cope with the nightly violence, crime and depravity that are the rule of the streets there.

There are two failings by McEnroe here, who is usually a thoughtful and articulate progressive fellow. The first is that McEnroe acts almost astonished as though the current state of Hartford has only just now become intolerable. The second is he fails to bring the blame home to where it lives... Hartford politics.

This goes far beyond partisan politics. In fact, the only partisanship in Hartford is which group of self-interested Democrats can manipulate the system better to their advantage. The people Hartford elect to their local and state offices reflect poorly on the city. Incompetence, disinterest, blatant stupidity, and corruption are the traits that their politicians apparently aspire to. They waste time debating the Iraq war while thier own streets are a war zone. They get a free bisque-colored bathroom while their city burns...

If you want to clean up Hartford, you can start by blowing all the fetid political garbage out the door. Good luck with that. And if this makes me one of Colin McEnroe's "malevolent commenters online" so be it. But a filty city can be cleaned up. See New York City following Giuliani for proof.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Age of the Estro-Gent

Turns out there is some research that backs up something I long ago instinctively knew all along... the liberal, eco-geek, soy-sucking man has low testosterone and higher rates of infertility.

That's right... this medical study reveals that the sensitive, soy-eating man has a much lower sperm count than men who do not eat soy. What should be particularly alarming to leftwing bloggers is the part that notes this trend increases with obesity.

Maybe it's a vicious cycle... the liberal man wants to be sensitive, won't eat meat so he increases his soy intake... which in turn lowers his sperm count, makes him run a few quarts low on testosterone, and he suddenly gets a lot more sensitive. Probably gets tender nipples too.

This perhaps sheds more light on the Oxygen Network coming to Connecticut... an estrogen-soaked cable station that produces the kind of movies and programming watched mostly by Ben and Jerry's-spooning, post-break up women sitting home alone on a Saturday night in a bathrobe.

Anyway, to my fat liberal blogging friends... please keep eating that soy... you soy boys are the true Estro-Gents. As your political food-choices increase your impotence, natural selection has a shot.

Empty Suits...

This is a little dated... but is a nice reminder... the suits Obama puts up to front him are as empty as his own.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Donating to the Dead

Chris Dodd's ridiculous campaign for the presidency is getting more solvent now that he lost. Apparently Dodd is managing to effortlessly rake in the cash to settle his campaign debt.

The Hartford Courant reports that Dodd pulled in over $77,000 in May, and keeps on going. He concluded his campaign with a roughly $400,000 debt.

The article explains that Dodd, and his powerful position as Banks chairman, is able to cash in on his power and influence to collect money for a campaign long dead.

This influence-vending is what is chiefly responsible for his Countrywide Financial Corp. scandal, where he received reduced-rate mortgages on his homes in Connecticut and Washington D.C. due to his "VIP" status.

Countrywide gave Dodd $10,000 during the campaign. Unfortunately, they gave nothing after Dodd dropped out of the race.

Dodd did manage to get an impressive $500 from Jack Nicholson, suggesting he did dance with the Devil in the pale moon light.
Never rub another man's rhubarb!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Working Farties Pamily

Ooops. I mean the "Working Families Party." Actually, names don't mean a hell of a lot with this crew, seeing as they are primarily a shill organization that exist for the sole purpose of giving liberal Democrats a second line on the ballot.

This "third party" released a list of endorsements today for the November elections which is laughably being touted as proof they are an independent, viable alternative party. It gives proof of my assertion, actually.

But you don't need to take my word for it. They tell you their strategy right here on their web site. They show Jane Doe, a Democrat, beating John Q. Public, a Republican, by having a combined total from the D and WFP lines. The example, perhaps, reveals more than they intend.

This year, they are apparently endorsing all five Democrats running for Congress in Connecticut. Of the seventeen cross-endorsements they make for State Senate, two are Republicans; John Kissel and Leonard Fasano. The rest are Democrats aside from a candidate they have put up against Joan Hartley, arguably the most conservative Democrat in the Senate.

Of all the endorsements they make for State Representative, none are Republicans. Democrat Linda Schofield has a WFP opponent presumably because she voted more conservatively as well.

Other than that... all Dems. And it seems like party spokesman Joe Dinkin is getting lax in trying to keep up the charade: "The core part of our strategy is to help good Democrats who support our issues -- running against Dems who don't and supporting the (rare) Republican who does" he said according to Capitol Watch.

The donkey may have two heads. But it's still just one big jackass.

Deficit... Surplus... Deficit...

Who the hell is keeping the state books? We had a budget deficit. Then the Governor just announced that we have a $22 million surplus. But we're projected to have a $150 million deficit in 2009?

Then how do we have a surplus this year if we're already in the hole for the next? It doesn't matter apparently, as everyone is moving to carve up that poor little surplus. It never even had a chance.
The Governor is taking credit because of her budget rescisions. That's fine... when the Democrats wanted to do nothing on the budget, she at least took some action.

Democrats want to allocate the surplus toward a fund for home heating oil and even expect the Governor to bond $5 million for a program that allows $500 rebates for buying a new furnace. As if there's going to be a rush on new furnaces in this economy. People are more likely to burn extra children in their living rooms to keep warm this winter.

Add to that the fact that home heating oil is so expensive mainly because of the Democrats in thefirst place, and electric generation costs us three times what it did ten years ago because they screwed with the system and called it "deregulation."

Republicans are calling for Democrats to join them in a special session to cap the gross receipts tax, but that continues to be flatus in the wind... the House Speaker Jim Amann has already said he won't do it. Senate and House Repu blicans are trying to pettition in to a special session on the gross receipts tax, and it will at least be interesting to see which Democrats break ranks to offer some relief to people in te state, and which Democrats don't give a damn about the price you pay at the pump.

My guess? A lot of Democrats don't care about the high price of gas. In fact, they like it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Needs a Job... There's a Rump to Swab.

I think this might actually be the third time since the legislative session, but Hartford Courant columnist and perennial gubernatorial loser Bill Curry has heaped praise upon House Majority Leader Chris Donovan in one of his columns.
The rumor is that Bill Curry desperately seeks to become the new chief of staff to Donovan, should he ascend to the Speaker's chair as is expected in Democratic circles, next year following the retirement of Jim Amann.
In fact, Curry forgoes the necessary post-election of the full House to elect it's own leaders, and coronates Donovan a mere six months ahead of time:
"Rell's Charter Oak and Wyman's MEHIP both have strengths. But why are there two plans? (Last month Rell vetoed a third from House Speaker Chris Donovan that could have really cut costs.)"
C'mon Bill. Can't you wait for Amann to at least get halfway out the door before you start calling Donovan "Speaker? I mean, there's polishing a fanny, and then there's outright simonizing the guy's ass.
Bill Curry is about as shameless a political animal in the Connecticut wilderness as you will ever find. He is clearly not beyond abusing his column in the Courant as a method for busking for a job. Pathetic.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flying Saucers over Waterbury

The Republican-American is reporting UFOs over Waterbury.

They might have been showing up to pick up Phil Giordano and bring him back to his evil planet of origin, and boy are they gonna be mad to find we're not ready to let him go for at least 30 years.

Clusters of lights were spotted by residents moving "deliberately." Bradley Airport had no answers. You have to be kidding me. Somebody had better check to see if Mayor Jarjura is making a volcano out of a pile of mashed potatos.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Connecticut Democrats: Changing Nothing.

I do enjoy the fact that the very Connecticut Democrats who are the biggest advocates of "change" are some of the longest, oldest and most moribund fixtures in state politics.

Cappiello fires at Murphy on Gas Prices

The Cappiello campaign has put out this new web video on Murphy and gas prices.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Under the Bus, Dodd!

State Senator Edith Prague took an opportunity to slam U.S. Senator Chris Dodd and pour at least a little cold water on statewide discussions of Dodd becoming the other half of the Obama presidential ticket.

As reported by Capitol Watch Prague threw Dodd under the bus and offered up some support for Hillary:
"I think Obama would be stupid at this point to put [Dodd] on the ticket. This mortgage deal. Give me a break. What's wrong with Hillary? She's smart. She's tough. She's a hard worker."

I think we all know what will determine where Obama goes for his VP depends on who State Representative William Tong endorses.

Prague, notorious for her truculent style, and famously letting her little dog crap all over legislative committee rooms and then blaming it on the seeing eye dog of a Republican employee, is usually an unprincipled labor shill. In this instance, I give her some credit for at least distinguishing herself from other Connecticut Democrats by publicly slapping Dodd in the face. Most everyone else in the CT Democratic circle dismiss his offenses and shamelessly offer him cover.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Not Working, Susan.

You would think that after she was publicly humiliated when an attempt to score cheap political points against the Bush administration exploded in her insolent face, Secretary "Sledgehammer" Bysiewicz would gave given up the issue.

Apparently she's not done embarassing herself on this one. I guess that's no surprise. She is still claiming, despite being roundly refuted on all sides, that there is an obstruction to her registering veterans to vote at U.S. Veterans Affairs facilities.

Bysiewicz continues to demonstrate either incredible ignorance and incompetence, or a willful inability to just take lumps when she was wrong by continuing to try to make herself right. Seems like a strong blend of both to me.

When it was revealed that thousands of dead people were recorded as having voted, she was caught off guard and without answers. When it comes to doing things that have to do with her primary job as Secretary of State, she is completely out of her depth and detached from whatever is happening.

But if it is a cheap photo-op, giving her an opportunity to jump up and down over Dick Blumenthal's shoulder at a press conference on Broadwater, or an excuse to exploit elderly wheelchair-bound veterans, she's all over it.

Media outlets have been extremely generous in assigning this woman a "tier two" status in the eventual Democratic gubernatorial sweepstakes for 2010. When it comes to getting her job done, she doesn't know which of her asses to put the hat on.

Tony Snow: 1955-2008

Prayers go out to the family of Tony Snow, former journalist, Fox News broadcaster and White House Press Secretary, who passed away in the early morning hours after a brave fight with cancer.

Snow was a uniquely accessible individual, and conservatism has lost a strong and eloquent voice.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Loser for Sale

It is particularly amusing that the Connecticut political blogosphere is alive with talk of the possible consideration of Chris Dodd as a vice presidential running mate to presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

You can see discussion of it here and here and here!

It is all the more interesting as Dodd has just suffered a nine point hit in his popularity in the latest Q poll directly resulting from his neglect of the state during his own presidential run, and his sweetheart mortgage deal. Just how popular would he be in Connecticut if he picked up once again to run for vice president? Now where would his daughter go to school?!?!

That's probably a premature question. Sure, Connecticut Democrats would love it... Richard Blumenthal would be able to wiggle out of the clandestine gubernatorial campaign and go for the thing he really wants... a seat in the United States Senate. Blumenthal's move would trigger other moves, such as Secretary Sledgehammer Bysiewicz, who wouldn't waste a fraction of a second running for the office she already pretends she holds: attorney general.

Also, having Dodd on the ballot would, presumably, help other Connecticut Democrats in their races down-ballot.

But why on Earth would Barack Obama want Chris Dodd on his ticket? I would think it would be somewhat difficult to reconcile the message of "change" by installing as your running mate someone who was as old a Washington fixture as there is having been in Congress for half a century. There is no geographic advantage to the pairing... the northeast is already secure for Obama, so even if Dodd offered a cache of New England support, which I doubt he does, it would be useless. Further, the only diversity on the ticket would be racial. Dodd and Obama are both very liberal U.S. Senators. Dodd has no support base to bring with him, gathering less than 1% of the vote in his efforts to run for the Democratic nomination.

Obama's campaign needs to be buttressed in the South. Dodd gives him no help there.

Chris Dodd doesn't even rate for a cabinet post. He would be lucky to become the assistant to the deputy ambassador to the Federated States of Micronesia. Obama can take a cheerleader to the prom. Why would he waste his time with this warthog?

Hit the Refresh Button

As campaigns for the state legislature begin to take shape I relish the opportunity to take a look at some of those races. In the 91st District in Hamden, residents have an opportunity to dispatch a long-time Democratic incumbent whose countenance reflects the moribund policies he represents.

Peter Villano is currently serving his eighth term representing the 91st. He is Abe Vigoda, minus the charm, eloquence or youth. He is an aging advocate, which is hardly surprising considering his advanced years, and it's time for the district to hit the refresh button.

Enter the young and energetic David Aron. A Boston University graduate and West Hartford native who has settled in Hamden, Aron brings political experience and know-how far beyond his years to the political stage.

It is of particular note that despite the creation by Democrats of a taxpayer-funded campaign system that it is nearly impossible to compete in without partaking of public money, Aron has decided to refuse accepting taxpayer dollars to run his campaign. It is a principled decision that reflects well on his commitment to prevent the waste of the public's hard-earned money. Peter Villano IS partaking in taxpayer financing, assuring residents of the 91st District that they are paying for his bumper stickers, lawn signs and annoying mail.

Aron advocates eliminating the gross receipts tax on gas, which is passed on to consumers at the pump, and he points out that for every gallon of gas you buy, over 50 cents of that bloated price goes to the state. His plan also calls for reducing regulations that are costly in fuel sales, and advocates developing sensible alternative transportation.

Villano has stood with his majority caucus in rejecting all Republican plans to even cap the gross receipts tax, ensuring motorists in Connecticut will continue to pay the highest gasoline prices in the entire nation.

Aron also supports a strong Three Strikes law which requires felons who are thrice convicted of a violent crime such as murder, assault or rape to be imprisoned for life. Villano and his majority Democrats have blocked the passage of stronger criminal justice measures throughout the past two years despite the brutal and tragic home invasion in Cheshire last summer that exposed serious multiple flaws in the system.

Talk of "change" is the toast of this political season. If Hamden residents want to get change for the better that will actually directly effect them, they should retire the hapless, befuddled grandfather who is packing their district in the political mothballs of failed policy and vote in a new and energetic voice for change who cares about taxpayers. They should vote for David Aron.

Obama's Big Plans

H/T to my friends at Everyday Republican for finding this.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pride before the Fall

It's not nearly so bad as the poll numbers Dodd turned in during his absurd run for the presidency, but Dodd's popularity in Connecticut is waning.

This fact is probably as a direct result of that presidential bid, during which he abandoned Connecticut, began to live in Iowa going so far as to enroll his daughter in school there, combined with revelations that he was given a special mortgage deal because of his powerful position.

The July 1st Quinnipiac poll showed Dodd losing nine points in job approval, putting him at 51%. The Day has a write up on it today. Interestingly, 6 in 10 voters polled believe the Dodd mortgage arrangement deserves more investigation, but Q Poll director Doug Schwartz insists that Dodd's failed presidential race hurt him more. Perhaps. Dodd did miss most of his Senate votes while trying to become president.

Dodd is up for re-election in 2010, and that is a long way off. But if more comes out about this sweetheart deal Dodd received, he could actually be in real jeopardy. Then it won't matter how many FISA speeches he gives.

Retirement beckons.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Clinton Legacy Bus Tour

The wizards at Americans United and other assorted left-wing clowns have come up with something they are really proud of... and they are touting it like a happy child with a "look mommy, I made something out of my own poop" grin.

It's called the Bush Legacy Bus, and it is touring Connecticut right now. It may have a nice slick paint job on it, but it might as well be the Partridge Family bus, because it is loaded with grizzled old hippies and post-adolescents moved to activism by the uncontrollable hormonal surges of puberty.

The bus tour is really attracting the best element of society too. CT Bob has a nice video that shows a couple of these class acts, including the "F*CK BUSH" t-shirt types. Genius!

So the bus carts inarticulate pseudo-intellectuals, who think they are sophisticated because they eat waffles for lunch, around the state blaming everything from cancer to female pattern baldness on President Bush. The bus claims to be powered on bio diesel, which I suppose is true if pure bullshit can be considered bio diesel.

All I can say is I would be much more amused by a Clinton Legacy Tour Bus. Imagine an over sized VW bus with a psychedelic paint job with naked hookers hanging out of it as marijuana smoke billows from the windows.

That would have been fun to do back in 2000. But unfortunately, all the conservatives who thought about it couldn't tour the country in a gigantic Peter Pan rental. They have jobs.

Cooking with Crisco

Late last week State Senator Joe Crisco, the Mr. MaGoo of the Connecticut General Assembly, was denied $85,000 of taxpayer money for his re-election campaign by the State Elections Enforcement Commission due to "material impropriety" in his filings.

Apparently his campaign treasurer's secretary signed an affidavit the treasurer was required to sign that acknowledged understanding all the new rules of the campaign finance system and citizen's election fund. This was done in Crisco's presence and with his full knowledge.

I suppose we should thank Crisco for doing his part to help the state budget deficit. His improper actions have saved taxpayers $85,000.

However, most legislative candidates will not spare us the burden of paying for their campaigns this year by committing egregious illegal acts. Voters should take particular note this year, as Democratic state legislative candidates who voted for this taxpayer-funded system spin their BS about the state budget deficit, remember that the palm card they hand you that contains all of their lies was paid for by you and me.
This should also show you how loose and fast some of the very people who created the program plan to game it.

Friday, July 4, 2008


I wish everyone a most happy and healthy Fourth of July holiday!

Maybe I'm a little off center, but I find the above video hilarious. It reminds me a little of those public service messages that George Jepsen did several years back warning everyone of the dangers of sparklers, teaching everyone to take cover behind a blast shield after you light what is little more than a large match.

In this video, you get a demonstration of what would happen to you if you leaned your face over a professional grade fireworks display, and your head was made of styrofoam, or the unique dangers posed to a paper mache person in a rocking chair exposed to a roman candle.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bysiewicz Turns VA Brown with BS

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz's PR operation is beginning to look like it is manned by the functionally retarded.

In a classic piece by the New Haven Independent, it is revealed that the Secretary went off on a mission to save veterans housed in the VA who were, as she said, denied voting rights by the Bush administration. A directive from the president, she claimed, prohibited her from registering residents there to vote.

She grabbed Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, and swooped in to the VA for a press op. She was going to save these veterans who sacrificed and served our nation only to be abused by the nasty nasty Bush administration.

Except it was all total crap, there wasn't a shred of truth to it.

Bysiewicz had her staff call what she thought was the VA, and was told she could not do a voter drive there. They had actually called a different facility, the West Haven Vet Center, a completely different facility, instead. That was the first mistake.

The second was that the directive issued to federally funded vet facilities applied only to their own staff, not outside non-partisan groups.

Bysiewicz, the Fran Drescher of Connecticut politics, pretty much embodies the worst of the worst when it comes to showing the naked, lilly-white cellulose ass of the political class. In this instance, she is the only individual who demonstrated greater ignorance than her own incompetent staff.

Not surprisingly, Bysiewicz jumped at what she thought was an opportunity to stick it to the effortless target of the Bush administration, failing to get even a sliver of accuracy in her courageous appearance.

She should be aware that she has proven herself repeatedly to be ineffective, incompetent, detached, and torpid. Everyone but her seems to realize this. The fact that she employs people who gave her the kind of information they did demonstrates her incapacity in holding an office that is out of her league, and makes all the more silly and absurd the notions she entertains of ever becoming an attorney general, or even more laughably, a governor.