Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well, it's an interesting ad. Of course, I am damned glad Obama is not like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. Primarily because I can do without him getting out of a car with no underwear under his skirt exposing his genitalia, or having a drugged-out sex video of himself circulating the Internet.

But Obama did just proclaimed that we wouldn't be paying as much for fuel if we got our tire pressure checked. Sounds like we need a government program to properly inflate our tires!

Obama may be no Spears or Hilton, but he is most definitely a celebutard.


Connecticut Man1 said...

How did McCain get in to politics?

Oh yeah... He capitalized on his own celebrity from when he came home a POW. That and his 2nd wife's money. Speaking of John McCain's celebrity, if McCain was certified as physically capable of flying when he was released from the Hanoi Hilton, is he receiving nearly $60,000.00 per year in veteran's disability benefits because of a mental disorder such as PTSD?

His medical records (as well as his and his wife's trust fund financial records) are issues that remain to be resolved in a manner appropriate for a presidential candidate.

Headless Horseman said...

Interesting that a soldier asks these questions. But fair enough I suppose.

Please tell me you have a rank and branch... or are you blogging from boot camp?

Connecticut Man1 said...

My rank is Civilian and my branch is Disabled Vet. Which leads to me my next question.

How is it possible that I had more promotions in my 4 years of ground-pounding in the Infantry than John McCain managed in 22 years of service as a rocket jockey?

You have to be pretty darn incompetent and considered completely unpromotable to get stuck at the rank of Captain for that long. Anybody with a heart beat will make Captain after a few years out of West Point.

Headless Horseman said...

Well, it's a damned good question, soldier.

I remember thinking about Lieutenant Junior Grade John Kerry's hang-nail and shaving cut induced Purple Heart collection and having a few questions.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Unfortunately for those of you on the right, this is not about Kerry or Clinton.

mccommas said...

You are right.

This twerp is more of the Dukakis variety.

And if you are really a disabled vet than I am Queen of England!

mccommas said...

-- Just watched the ad for the first time. Its good except for the ending where McCain gets that far away look in his eye and says I approved this message.

That was a little over the top.

But the message is good. Hit him on oil and taxes. This guy is a lite weight.