Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flying Saucers over Waterbury

The Republican-American is reporting UFOs over Waterbury.

They might have been showing up to pick up Phil Giordano and bring him back to his evil planet of origin, and boy are they gonna be mad to find we're not ready to let him go for at least 30 years.

Clusters of lights were spotted by residents moving "deliberately." Bradley Airport had no answers. You have to be kidding me. Somebody had better check to see if Mayor Jarjura is making a volcano out of a pile of mashed potatos.


Judy Aron said...

Next thing you know they will be checking for "pods" in the Capitol building.

mccommas said...

You mentioned Phil Giordano. Up near my neck of the woods is where dirtbag Jefferson Davis (Democrat) used to represent the 50th House District.

Funny that we Republicans have no problem cutting one of our own lose when it comes to child molestation. Its been universal condemnation. For us, that is a cardinal sin but not so the Abortion Party.

Its still irks me that back when Davis was up on charges and still in office there were about three Democrats perfectly willing to step aside if Davis wanted to run again. I used to like him too on a personal level but when push comes to shove I will side with the victims every time. I heard not a single word of sympathy for Davis' victim -- his own son. I did however hear a lot of phrase for Davis and no child molester was ever given better coverage than Davis got from the Norwich Bulletin. They treated him with kid gloves and never demanded he resign. Davis was allowed to use his resigning as a bargaining chip to stay out of jail and the creampuff prosecutor gave him a sweetheart deal. Anyone else would have gone to prison.

Sherry Vogt is now running and on her signs she has the cute little message "Get Our Voice Back". If she is not referring to Jefferson Davis' voice, than whose voice is she referring to?

Am I being unreasonable? Am I reading to much into this? All I know is my skin crawls when I drive by one of her signs. At least with our party, we have a one size fits all standard. Davis isn't above the law and should be in the cell right next to Giordano for the next 30 years. For the life of me I can't imagine we Republicans could ever even partially forgive one our own for doing what Davis did to that poor kid. I know people who were molested a very, very long time ago and they still aren't right.

Clint said...

Word has it these guys were just following up on wanting to take a dip in the "Center of the Universe's Hot Tub". (which was actually located in Litchfield County for a while).

They were pissed and went looking for Johnny G to find out what was going on.

Strange lights have since been sighted near Westover School in Middlebury but the Millionaire's Row neighbors are keeping mum.