Monday, July 21, 2008

Needs a Job... There's a Rump to Swab.

I think this might actually be the third time since the legislative session, but Hartford Courant columnist and perennial gubernatorial loser Bill Curry has heaped praise upon House Majority Leader Chris Donovan in one of his columns.
The rumor is that Bill Curry desperately seeks to become the new chief of staff to Donovan, should he ascend to the Speaker's chair as is expected in Democratic circles, next year following the retirement of Jim Amann.
In fact, Curry forgoes the necessary post-election of the full House to elect it's own leaders, and coronates Donovan a mere six months ahead of time:
"Rell's Charter Oak and Wyman's MEHIP both have strengths. But why are there two plans? (Last month Rell vetoed a third from House Speaker Chris Donovan that could have really cut costs.)"
C'mon Bill. Can't you wait for Amann to at least get halfway out the door before you start calling Donovan "Speaker? I mean, there's polishing a fanny, and then there's outright simonizing the guy's ass.
Bill Curry is about as shameless a political animal in the Connecticut wilderness as you will ever find. He is clearly not beyond abusing his column in the Courant as a method for busking for a job. Pathetic.

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mccommas said...

Give the man a set a knee pads.