Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Clinton Legacy Bus Tour

The wizards at Americans United and other assorted left-wing clowns have come up with something they are really proud of... and they are touting it like a happy child with a "look mommy, I made something out of my own poop" grin.

It's called the Bush Legacy Bus, and it is touring Connecticut right now. It may have a nice slick paint job on it, but it might as well be the Partridge Family bus, because it is loaded with grizzled old hippies and post-adolescents moved to activism by the uncontrollable hormonal surges of puberty.

The bus tour is really attracting the best element of society too. CT Bob has a nice video that shows a couple of these class acts, including the "F*CK BUSH" t-shirt types. Genius!

So the bus carts inarticulate pseudo-intellectuals, who think they are sophisticated because they eat waffles for lunch, around the state blaming everything from cancer to female pattern baldness on President Bush. The bus claims to be powered on bio diesel, which I suppose is true if pure bullshit can be considered bio diesel.

All I can say is I would be much more amused by a Clinton Legacy Tour Bus. Imagine an over sized VW bus with a psychedelic paint job with naked hookers hanging out of it as marijuana smoke billows from the windows.

That would have been fun to do back in 2000. But unfortunately, all the conservatives who thought about it couldn't tour the country in a gigantic Peter Pan rental. They have jobs.


CT Bob said...

Now now, that young kid was just using language overheard from Dick Cheney. You can't blame them for picking up nasty language when the adults can't control themselves. LOL!

Thanks for the nice words about my video. It was a fun one.

Headless Horseman said...

Ha ha! If that kid is taking tips from Cheney I hope he doesn't hunt.

Love the videos Bob, keep 'em coming.