Friday, July 11, 2008

Hit the Refresh Button

As campaigns for the state legislature begin to take shape I relish the opportunity to take a look at some of those races. In the 91st District in Hamden, residents have an opportunity to dispatch a long-time Democratic incumbent whose countenance reflects the moribund policies he represents.

Peter Villano is currently serving his eighth term representing the 91st. He is Abe Vigoda, minus the charm, eloquence or youth. He is an aging advocate, which is hardly surprising considering his advanced years, and it's time for the district to hit the refresh button.

Enter the young and energetic David Aron. A Boston University graduate and West Hartford native who has settled in Hamden, Aron brings political experience and know-how far beyond his years to the political stage.

It is of particular note that despite the creation by Democrats of a taxpayer-funded campaign system that it is nearly impossible to compete in without partaking of public money, Aron has decided to refuse accepting taxpayer dollars to run his campaign. It is a principled decision that reflects well on his commitment to prevent the waste of the public's hard-earned money. Peter Villano IS partaking in taxpayer financing, assuring residents of the 91st District that they are paying for his bumper stickers, lawn signs and annoying mail.

Aron advocates eliminating the gross receipts tax on gas, which is passed on to consumers at the pump, and he points out that for every gallon of gas you buy, over 50 cents of that bloated price goes to the state. His plan also calls for reducing regulations that are costly in fuel sales, and advocates developing sensible alternative transportation.

Villano has stood with his majority caucus in rejecting all Republican plans to even cap the gross receipts tax, ensuring motorists in Connecticut will continue to pay the highest gasoline prices in the entire nation.

Aron also supports a strong Three Strikes law which requires felons who are thrice convicted of a violent crime such as murder, assault or rape to be imprisoned for life. Villano and his majority Democrats have blocked the passage of stronger criminal justice measures throughout the past two years despite the brutal and tragic home invasion in Cheshire last summer that exposed serious multiple flaws in the system.

Talk of "change" is the toast of this political season. If Hamden residents want to get change for the better that will actually directly effect them, they should retire the hapless, befuddled grandfather who is packing their district in the political mothballs of failed policy and vote in a new and energetic voice for change who cares about taxpayers. They should vote for David Aron.

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