Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Whitnum: Give the Taliban Back Their Country

This continues to be funny. And sad. And weird. All at once. The inimitable Lee Whitnum, candidate for the Democratic nomination in the Fourth District had a "debate" yesterday with Jim Himes, the other Democratic candidate who wants to square off against Republicans Chris Shays in November.

Moderating honors fell to Tom Appleby of News 12, and it was most likely a highlight of his career, or at least a memorable moment.

Now, Whitnum, in all fairness, did manage to get herself on the ballot for the Democratic primary, and thus,in my opinion, is entitled to debate Himes, who is the chosen one of most Dems and libs in the district, and is certainly the leftwing blogosphere's favorite choice.

Whitnum is a moonbat. And after reading this, I really do wonder if she is retarded.

First, she showed up 20 minutes late for the event, and blamed traffic. Then she talked about the war on terror and blamed the U.S and Israel.

Whitnum, by contrast, must have made Himes appear to be a statesman. She ranted that we should not have invaded Afghanistan and should have "respected their sovereignty." Afghanistan's Taliban government, as we all recall, gave safe haven to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda terror training camps.

Whitnum not only displayed arrogance, rudeness with constant interruptions, and grotesque ignorance, but she truly deserves all the ignominy she has received. She has failed repeatedly to file campaign finance reports on time saying she doesn't want to fuel the bloggers who repeatedly brutalize her for her absurdity, ironically giving them more fuel.

As "Saramerica" Sarah Littman has pointed out, she has exploited her relationship with Senator John Kerry to try to sell books.

While she has been entertaining to watch, Whitnum is apparently too crazy to even be able to recognize how embarrassed she should be by her self.

If Whitnum really wants to sell books and get some money, maybe she could hook up with Mullah Omar. Then she could find happiness with someone she truly agrees with.

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mccommas said...

Someone should have asked Ms. Whitnum if her respect for Afghanistan’s sovereignty extends to Female Genital Mutilation.


No we didn’t invade Afganistan to free these ladies, but it was a nice side-benefit. Women there can go to school now and everything.