Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deficit... Surplus... Deficit...

Who the hell is keeping the state books? We had a budget deficit. Then the Governor just announced that we have a $22 million surplus. But we're projected to have a $150 million deficit in 2009?

Then how do we have a surplus this year if we're already in the hole for the next? It doesn't matter apparently, as everyone is moving to carve up that poor little surplus. It never even had a chance.
The Governor is taking credit because of her budget rescisions. That's fine... when the Democrats wanted to do nothing on the budget, she at least took some action.

Democrats want to allocate the surplus toward a fund for home heating oil and even expect the Governor to bond $5 million for a program that allows $500 rebates for buying a new furnace. As if there's going to be a rush on new furnaces in this economy. People are more likely to burn extra children in their living rooms to keep warm this winter.

Add to that the fact that home heating oil is so expensive mainly because of the Democrats in thefirst place, and electric generation costs us three times what it did ten years ago because they screwed with the system and called it "deregulation."

Republicans are calling for Democrats to join them in a special session to cap the gross receipts tax, but that continues to be flatus in the wind... the House Speaker Jim Amann has already said he won't do it. Senate and House Repu blicans are trying to pettition in to a special session on the gross receipts tax, and it will at least be interesting to see which Democrats break ranks to offer some relief to people in te state, and which Democrats don't give a damn about the price you pay at the pump.

My guess? A lot of Democrats don't care about the high price of gas. In fact, they like it.


Judy Aron said...

The Democrats will be very warm this winter because they are all so full of hot air.

As for the surplus - see what happens when Jodi asks for state workers to shut off the lights and stop traveling so much? Economizing is so simple; even state employees can do it.

Perhaps there was a big push to have a surplus so they won't get so much criticism for their campaign finance the state can afford to shell out state money for robo calls and campaign mailers, bumper stickers and nail files since we are rolling in dough. Too bad, that money could have been used on such better and much more nobler causes.

Gee.. here's an idea to make up lost revenue on the gas tax... maybe they can sell ad space on the side of State vehicles to earn some more revenue for the tax and spend majority. Can you just picture a Hooters ad on the side of Dick Blumenthal's car?

Headless Horseman said...

I say just save us the $30 billion ang get rid of the General Assembly.