Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bysiewicz Turns VA Brown with BS

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz's PR operation is beginning to look like it is manned by the functionally retarded.

In a classic piece by the New Haven Independent, it is revealed that the Secretary went off on a mission to save veterans housed in the VA who were, as she said, denied voting rights by the Bush administration. A directive from the president, she claimed, prohibited her from registering residents there to vote.

She grabbed Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, and swooped in to the VA for a press op. She was going to save these veterans who sacrificed and served our nation only to be abused by the nasty nasty Bush administration.

Except it was all total crap, there wasn't a shred of truth to it.

Bysiewicz had her staff call what she thought was the VA, and was told she could not do a voter drive there. They had actually called a different facility, the West Haven Vet Center, a completely different facility, instead. That was the first mistake.

The second was that the directive issued to federally funded vet facilities applied only to their own staff, not outside non-partisan groups.

Bysiewicz, the Fran Drescher of Connecticut politics, pretty much embodies the worst of the worst when it comes to showing the naked, lilly-white cellulose ass of the political class. In this instance, she is the only individual who demonstrated greater ignorance than her own incompetent staff.

Not surprisingly, Bysiewicz jumped at what she thought was an opportunity to stick it to the effortless target of the Bush administration, failing to get even a sliver of accuracy in her courageous appearance.

She should be aware that she has proven herself repeatedly to be ineffective, incompetent, detached, and torpid. Everyone but her seems to realize this. The fact that she employs people who gave her the kind of information they did demonstrates her incapacity in holding an office that is out of her league, and makes all the more silly and absurd the notions she entertains of ever becoming an attorney general, or even more laughably, a governor.


Judy Aron said...

One only has to look at the CT Secretary of State's website to validate what you have posted. It is nearly impossible to find what you are looking for if you have the misfortune to have to visit that website at all.

mccommas said...

Will we read this in our local rag?

Haaa haa haa haa haaaa!!

Well maybe if she switched to the Republican Party last night too....

- j

Headless Horseman said...

Exactly... just the stuff you never see anywhere. This should be widely covered, and she should be appropriately humiliated.