Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Connecticut Democrats: Changing Nothing.

I do enjoy the fact that the very Connecticut Democrats who are the biggest advocates of "change" are some of the longest, oldest and most moribund fixtures in state politics.


mccommas said...

That message mysteriously never the less is a message that still sells here.

Go figure.

Headless Horseman said...

It will nevertheless never cease to amaze me how these decaying politicians, with mothballs on their breath, can speak of change and be taken seriously.

Don Pesci said...

Pretty neat production. Like the music.

nomorebureaucracy said...

Headless, you forgot that Edith started her political career a long time ago.

She was James Buchanan's intern. I believed she worked in his stables.

Headless Horseman said...


You are right! I stand corrected.
Senator Prague has the distinction of being the only member of the Senate that is actually older than the institution of the Senate.

CT Bob said...

And yet, the relentless drumbeat of the Republicans is all about the huge benefits of John McCain's "experience". Can you explain?

Headless Horseman said...

Yes I can.

They say he is experienced because he is.

Republicans are not chanting the "change" mantra.

CT Bob said...

So then, to you, "change" equals voting out all incumbents.

Ah, that makes perfect sense. I'm sure they aren't referring to something slightly more esoteric like perhaps changing the way our leadership has led us down a disastrous road in a war they promised would be over in something like 6 months, with plenty of WMDs as trophies to show for our sacrifices.

And by sacrifices, I'm not including the wealthiest segment of our nation, who were rewarded with huge tax breaks during wartime for the first time in our history.

You're right. All Dems must go, because they want "change". Bring on the walking fossil who has pieces of himself falling off every time he sneezes. I'm sure he'll be just the shot in the arm that this nation needs!

Judy Aron said...

Yes, real Republicans are espousing "Change" because the Democrats and Republicans acting like Democrats who have been in power both in the State and Federal level have screwed up this state and country beyond recognition. We need "Change" alright.

What happened to all the Dems that were voted in during mid-term elections who promised to get us out of the war etc etc etc yada yada yada and have done squat? and the CT Dem Supermajority in our own state that was veto proof and did NOTHING!!! (oh mea culpa - they did spend lots of time arguing about exonerating witches)

CT Bob - darn right we need change - and maybe we need to look to other parties rather then just Democrats and the Republicans who are acting like Dems, because in my opinion the choices we currently have before us nationally are abysmal.

In so far as the state of CT is concerned, the Democrat majority have made this state unfriendly to business and do nothing more than tax and spend while they keep the poor in poverty and hack away at the middle class. Vote out the "Do Nothing" incumbents and let's get some fresh ideas and real problem solvers up in Hartford.

If you think Obama will bring change nationally then you are delusional. He's an empty suit who has the ability to speak well and mesmerize the masses. Period. His platform keeps changing depending on who he is addressing. He is no more about change for this country then his fellow Congressmen have been about change for this country.They do nothing but erode our rights and spend gobs of money.

Heck yeah we need change.

Headless Horseman said...

What's so "esoteric" about chanting the same old tired mantra about George Bush? Particularly on the war and WMDs. If you want to believe Saddam was gassing the kurds with flatulence, and ignore the fact that the British, French and Russians had the same intelligence that's fine. It's also cool if you want to ignore the fact that we would probably have had better on the ground intel as to what he was actually doing with them if Clinton hadn't gutted the intelligence gathering programs, but I digress...

It's true, Republicans in this state should be for change.

I am just pointing out the hypocrisy of the fossilized, petrified state Democrats who are chanting "change" right now. Change a president? Big deal... we are required to do that at least every eight years. Change is going to happen on that front one way or another.

I'd rather see us make a more significant change in this state, and throw out all the crusty Democrats who have held one public office or another for ages and ran out of initiative and fresh ideas back in the 1800s.

mccommas said...

Not much on an arguement you got there CT Bob but thanks for tring.

* * *

If you factored in such things our Romulan Congresswoman was an aide to Congressman Morrison and Donny Williams was First Selectman in Thompson for many years, they have been in office or government even more than you modestly claim.

Funny video. I just re-watched it. The only thing that might have made it better is if you used the screeching violins from the movie "Death Becomes Her".

Death becomes the Democrats too!

I hasten to add I mean electoral death. Not honest to goodness rotting in a pine box and pushing up dasies death. Not even for You-Know-Who.

I will predict your response to that Headless will be:

"Speak for yourself John, Mua ha ha ha ha!".