Monday, July 28, 2008

Special Session Once Again...

Our Full-Time Part-Time legislature, which according to our state constitution is supposed to convene this year from February to May, has managed to bring themselves in every month in 2008 so far.

In January the General Assembly got together to make minor changes to criminal justice laws so Democrats could pretend to be tough on crime while simultaneously rejecting three strikes proposals that would have made a real difference.
Then they went in from February to May, the session where they are supposed to make budget adjustments, and decided they were going to do nothing with the budget despite a huge looming deficit,

Then in June Democrats decided to come back because the real estate conveyance tax was scheduled to expire, and they couldn't allow that. They also prevented a one-half percent increase in the gross receipts tax on gasoline from taking place, so they could try to sell it as passing a gas tax cut, a typical sham from the Democratic majority.

Now, as June comes to a close, there is discussion of yet another "special" session. And these sessions are indeed "special," (See: Special Olympics).

The Associated Press reports that Governor Rell is meeting with leaders to reconvene the legislature before summer's end, to implement the plan she is calling for using our recently discovered $22 million surplus for a heating oil assistance program.

That's great, and Democrats love the idea. However, Republican calls for a cap on the gross receipts tax on gasoline ought to be addressed. But you can count on that not happening.

The General Assembly has truly distinguished itself this year. During the times they were required to be in session, they didn't do a damned thing. But during the times they are supposed to leave us the hell alone, go back to their law practices or plum non-profit and/or union shill jobs, instead they get together to do the greatest damage.

With a $150 million deficit projected for 2009, and Obama and the Democrats leading this state by 20 points, you can anticipate getting bent over the tax barrel and taking it roughly from behind for another two years. In fact, it's apparently already a monthly event.

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