Monday, July 28, 2008

A Hell Full of Worthless Animals

Liberal Courant columnist and WTIC radio host Colin McEnroe delivered a rather poignant piece over the weekend in which he acknowledged "malevolent commenters online will take my column and use it to call Hartford a hell full of worthless animals." I would hate to disappoint him at a point where he may be writing with some of his greatest clarity ever.

The column outlines a two-hour wait for the Hartford Police while a burglarized neighbor placed numerous calls and watched countless police cruisers pass to and fro, and details some rather frustrating exchanges with the thin blue line.

The central point of the column appears to be that finally, at this juncture, Colin McEnroe appears to have had enough of what Hartford has become. I congratulate him on finally coming to terms with the fact that Hartford is a dangerous place at night, and its public safety efforts, despite being augmented by state police during the warm months, is unable to cope with the nightly violence, crime and depravity that are the rule of the streets there.

There are two failings by McEnroe here, who is usually a thoughtful and articulate progressive fellow. The first is that McEnroe acts almost astonished as though the current state of Hartford has only just now become intolerable. The second is he fails to bring the blame home to where it lives... Hartford politics.

This goes far beyond partisan politics. In fact, the only partisanship in Hartford is which group of self-interested Democrats can manipulate the system better to their advantage. The people Hartford elect to their local and state offices reflect poorly on the city. Incompetence, disinterest, blatant stupidity, and corruption are the traits that their politicians apparently aspire to. They waste time debating the Iraq war while thier own streets are a war zone. They get a free bisque-colored bathroom while their city burns...

If you want to clean up Hartford, you can start by blowing all the fetid political garbage out the door. Good luck with that. And if this makes me one of Colin McEnroe's "malevolent commenters online" so be it. But a filty city can be cleaned up. See New York City following Giuliani for proof.


Judy Aron said...

Well gee, it looks like the progressive Liberals in Hartford have made their sty and now they have to lay in it.
What they need is a mayor who will be serious about cleaning up crime (both on the streets and in government), employing fiscal responsibility, and making the city business friendly.
We need events like Mark Twain Days and other celebrations to bring people into Hartford.

Hartford won't get any respect until it can respect itself and stop playing the victim. said...

Speaking of animals we did the Roger Williams Zoo yesterday and spent some time in Providence.
What a beautiful city, what a comeback.

Then I drove through Hartford on the way to work this morning and I was struck how much Hartford looks like some small city in Iowa.


How could RI, which is what? 1/4 our size have a Capitol with 10x the energy?

I understand Buddy is out of jail and available for work. Maybe he could consult.

Bob Swick said...

Hartford needs to clean itself up. I will agree with the other comments that liberalism has created their pasture of crime, violence and the like. And it ultimately shows how liberalism has failed our society in many ways.

Headless Horseman said...

The RI example is a good one too, and the truth is that Hartford can be saved. But for that to happen, the divisions in Hartford politics, which seem to be racial, need to take a back seat. The real "animals' in hartford are the politicians. They draw big paychecks and cut up the financial pie while failing to do even the most fundamental aspects of the job they are supposed to be doing.

mccommas said...

This malevolent commenter doesn't read McEnroe or the Commie Courant (anymore than I have to for research that is).

When I do happen upon him, I might start reading but I never get through it. By the fifth paragraph he has lost my interest.

He is not what I would call a worthy opponent. I will leave it to you to wade through his slush pile to find these rare gems.