Friday, September 28, 2007

Break it up!

That's what Chris Caruso was asked to do. And no, not with a plunger. The Democrat legislator and candidate for mayor of Bridgeport assembled with supporters on the steps of Bridgeport Superior Court for a press conference saying he had filed a lawsuit to overturn the results of the September 11th primary he lost to Sen. Bill Finch by 270 votes.

As Caruso was concluding his conference, nine police officers asked him if he had a permit to conduct the event on state property. Naturally, it turns out he didn't need any such permit, and there is no permitting for such an event. Caruso, as annoying a demagogue as ever walked the Earth, was simply exercising his rights. No one should have stopped him.

His lawsuit is of course generally without merit. But he is following in the good tradition of way-left libs who lose elections and then decide to sue for a victory. A tradition perfected by great men like Al Gore. But he does have the right to call a press conference and demonstrate what a pompous, arrogant, blustering oaf he is. It's his God-given right.

So, was it Finch or his supporters that instigated the police intervention? Finch, as I've noted before, is borderline retarded. When he won the primary against Caruso, he cogently remarked: "I could not be any happier. I feel like Lou Gehrig - an alive Lou Gehrig." Ughh.

Naturally, we are pleased he didn't feel like the dead Lou Gehrig.

So, who knows who called the fuzz on Caruso. But as the hurricane-force flatulent winds of adversity continue to blow in Bridgeport, we know what makes up that city's Democratic politics... and it's generally pinched off at fifteen inches. That means you need to break it up.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nutmeg & Peanuts: Carter Visits Connecticut

Former President Jimmy Carter, winner of the 2002 No Balls Peace Prize, came to Quinnipiac University yesterday afternoon to treat a private audience to a lecture on how nuclear weapons are bad. His appearance is a part of a 50th anniversary celebration of Albert Schweitzer's call for an end to nuclear weapons, and a beginning to growing gigantic droopy mustaches.

A conference that kicked off on the dignified note of a professor dressing up as Schweitzer with a big fake mustache and reading his "Declaration of Conscience on the Dangers of Nuclear Weapons" would hardly be complete without an appearance by the worst president in the history of our Republic.

It is interesting that Carter's appearance at Quinnipiac follows so closely the appearance of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia University. Carter's ineptness in office allowed the shah in Iran to be deposed, the Iranian revolution to take hold of that nation, the Iranian hostage crisis to take place, and for radical Islam to establish a theocracy and gain a major foothold in the Middle East. In a way, Carter is indirectly responsible for this odious dictator and thug being in power.

Who could be surprised at that? Carter's foreign policy consisted of showing no resolve against the Soviet Union, leaving South Korea defenseless, giving away the Panama Canal, letting Marxists take over in Nicaragua, letting the Soviets invade Afghanistan, and apologizing wherever he could for America being America. His post-presidential years have been spent in the company and praise of America's enemies.

So here is Jimmy Carter... here in Connecticut to tell us how bad nuclear weapons are. Well, thanks Jimmy! Unfortunately, Jimmy Carter has helped pave the way for a hostile, radical Islamic Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. He places the burden on America to disarm, not on America's enemies across the globe... that's because after all these years he still sees America as the enemy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007


If you thought Democrats in the General Assembly wanted to act quickly on criminal justice reform, guess again. The other story from last week's special session of the legislature was the fact that Democrats utterly abdicated their responsibility to act on reforms to the system which are clearly needed in the wake of the recent Cheshire murders.

House and Senate Republicans called for immediate reforms which would make needed changes to the Parole Board review process, strengthening repeat offender laws, reclassify burglary as a "violent" crime, and create a legitimate "Three Strikes" law, landing a third time serious felon in prison for life.

The other piece of news which makes fast action critical on these reforms is the case of Arnold Bell, a career criminal who most recently shot a New haven police officer, that the state Supreme Court ruled on earlier this month. It struck down sections of Connecticut's existing persistent offenders law, and said the jury, not the judge, had discretion on sentencing.

The serious holes in Connecticut's criminal justice laws which the Cheshire case has exposed, coupled with the ruling on the Bell case makes quick action by the legislature imperative. Unfortunately, Democrats have flatly rejected immediate action, voting by party line to oppose taking up reforms.

Judiciary Co-Chairman Andrew McDonald cheapened and trivialized the issue when he sniffed "Legislating by bumper sticker motto is not the way to go."

The other Co-Chairman, Representative Michael Lawlor, says we need to wait for recommendations from criminal justice agencies.

Presumably, this means they want to wait until the next session which is in February of '08. Then we can go through hearing, get testimony and blah blah blah. That session will end in May of '08.

In the meantime we'll just have to hope no one will die in the next eight months because of a failure to reform the system.

Friday, September 21, 2007


"These projects in our districts are not pork!" exclaimed the State Senate's own Franken-senator; Edward Meyer (D) of Branford, a lanky over-sized goof of a man who looks like he was assembled from the parts of less dorky Senators. His neck bolts may have glowed with the passion of his speech, but his claim hardly rang true.

Both chambers of the legislature took up the massive $3.1 billion bonding package yesterday, and Republicans voted unanimously against the massive borrowing package. Governor Rell will now get the bill, and I am hopeful she vetoes it.

There are important items in this package as I have mentioned before, like critical school construction funds. However, a lot of this bill is a blank check that squeals like a pig.

For example, there's $1 billion in unspecified bonding for the Connecticut State University System. There is no indication of what this money is to be spent on, and no one gets to speak at a public hearing about it. However, the Democrats want to put the state credit card on a ten-year payment plan for it.

Republicans have finally said enough is enough when it comes to state spending. The Democrats included a number of enticing projects in Republican districts in an attempt to pull away some Republican votes, but they held firm. At long last Republicans in the General Assembly are unifying behind the principle that restraint on spending, and fiscal conservatism are more important than bringing home bonding for a pump station or a swing set in a park.

Men like Senator Meyer don't care about the debt he creates for us, our children and grandchildren. He buys now. You pay later.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This Guy Reads Daily Kos

This is a classic, and I just had to put it up...

This kid is a moonbat, no doubt. But the tasering seems excessive to me. If being a psychotic leftist wacko was a taserable offense, everyone who writes for My Left Nutmeg would have charcoaled nipples.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baby Pants

Not that there was much debate on the subject, but State Representative Chris Caruso has demonstrated conclusively that he is a sore loser, and a very big baby.

Having lost the September 11th Primary to State Senator Bill Finch for the Democratic nomination for mayor of Bridgeport by a couple hundred votes, Caruso is now crying foul. It could never be that he could actually have lost the election fair and square... no! The ethics champion has declared that there was "irregularities" and "outright fraud."

Mysteriously, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz has stated that her office has not received one single complaint from a voter. No matter there... Caruso is going to court over it.

Imagine the vastness of this Bridgeport Democratic machine's conspiracy against Caruso! They made his votes disappear, and then they made all the complaints about voter "disenfranchisement" disappear too!

Memo to Caruso: Enough. Salvage whatever diaperload of dignity you can scrape out of your Luv's hourglass design.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Legislative Dems Screwing CT Schools

The struggle of legislative Democrats to wrest control of every conceivable vehicle for spreading largess among their districts has boiled over from the regular 2007 session, which ended in June, and now continues to delay the bond package, which should have been completed then as well.

This is causing some considerable pain in towns and cities... hundreds of millions of dollars in school construction dollars are tied up in the bonding package, and that means important school construction projects are being delayed. About $600 million of the bonding package is for these projects.

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities estimates that municipalities didn't receive approximately $38 million in state payments they were due to get last month. They could lose up to $70 million if the package isn't approved in September.

As usual, this is a crappy way to run government, and Speaker Jim Amann is squarely to blame for the constant delays which put off the bonding package just so his supermajority membership can pass out plates of fat around their hometown hearths this fall. Last month he said he refused to negotiate with Rell because he says he was attacked in the media by her and her staff.

What a damnably babyish thing to say... the man who once said the Governor was not an "honorable human being."

What about the children, Jim?