Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baby Pants

Not that there was much debate on the subject, but State Representative Chris Caruso has demonstrated conclusively that he is a sore loser, and a very big baby.

Having lost the September 11th Primary to State Senator Bill Finch for the Democratic nomination for mayor of Bridgeport by a couple hundred votes, Caruso is now crying foul. It could never be that he could actually have lost the election fair and square... no! The ethics champion has declared that there was "irregularities" and "outright fraud."

Mysteriously, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz has stated that her office has not received one single complaint from a voter. No matter there... Caruso is going to court over it.

Imagine the vastness of this Bridgeport Democratic machine's conspiracy against Caruso! They made his votes disappear, and then they made all the complaints about voter "disenfranchisement" disappear too!

Memo to Caruso: Enough. Salvage whatever diaperload of dignity you can scrape out of your Luv's hourglass design.


mccommas said...

Well you and I frequently agree but not on this one. As I have said before I don't like these new fangled machines and I think this will be an important test for them.

My question is what about hand counts?

I don't know if it’s state law or just court precedent (maybe both) but if the intent of the voter can possibly be determined, than even though they may have voted improperly their vote MUST be counted.

So what about the idiots that circled the name of their choices instead of filling out the dot?

What about them?

I think Caruso has every right to challenge the results – and the process itself -- without being labeled a sore loser. I don’t think that’s fair though fairness and poltics never blended well anyway…

I didn't like it when folks called my candidate Ed Munster a sore loser when he challenged the results in 1994 so it would not be very consistent of me to pile on Caruso now.

Furthermore I would not be surprised if Caruso’s challenge resulted in the election being overturned in his favor at all.

Would you?

In 1994 idiot poll workers in Norwich tried these optical scanner machines. It was the Secretary of the State’s (Pauline Kezer) brilliant idea. Those turkeys ran some of the ballots in the machine twice election night than just once in the recount. Because it was new (and they didn’t really have a clue and probably didn’t care much) they kept screwing up and wounded up having to hand count the damn cards one by one by one.

That resulted in both Gejdenson's and Munster's vote being altered by a hundred of so votes which of course was well within the margin of error.

And in 2000 a poll worker “accidentally” gave Courtney an extra 100 votes he didn’t earn when she read off the machine or added up the results and absolutely no one caught the blunder (if that’s what it was) till the recount.

And recall how many mistakes were made in 2000? Darn few of the towns didn’t alter the results. They kept finding ballots they never opened. With these brand new procedures (and the same people that have screwed up lots of previous elections where the procedures were well established) we can expect many changes to the final count.

The nightmare is just beginning!

These machines leave the door wide open to fraud. Where there is a will there is a way to cheat.

OK. I am done for the day. I got to get to work. There is desk in the garage that won't refinish itself. I have procreated long enough.

mccommas said...

OK I lied. I am still here and the desk is still in the garage...

Like my new picture? I don't look so disgruntled in this one....

Ok. Now its time for the desk.

And I am not telling a Clinton this time. Honest..

Headless Horseman said...

Well, I don't think we necessarily disagree about the machines. I didn't like the old ones, and I like the new ones less. They're crap.

However, with regards to Caruso, he would be within his rights to challenge the results if there were any irregularities reported. But his campaign has had to beat the bushes and has yet to find someone who had a problem. I am all for defending your rights on the ballot if there are problems.

But Caruso is manufacturing an excuse to try to overturn the results of an election that all indications say took place fairly and accurately.

Headless Horseman said...

I hope you meant procrastinated instead of procreated ;-)

Your new photo is a great improvement.

How's mine? My head is bigger and more orange than Manuel Noriega's.