Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Legislative Dems Screwing CT Schools

The struggle of legislative Democrats to wrest control of every conceivable vehicle for spreading largess among their districts has boiled over from the regular 2007 session, which ended in June, and now continues to delay the bond package, which should have been completed then as well.

This is causing some considerable pain in towns and cities... hundreds of millions of dollars in school construction dollars are tied up in the bonding package, and that means important school construction projects are being delayed. About $600 million of the bonding package is for these projects.

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities estimates that municipalities didn't receive approximately $38 million in state payments they were due to get last month. They could lose up to $70 million if the package isn't approved in September.

As usual, this is a crappy way to run government, and Speaker Jim Amann is squarely to blame for the constant delays which put off the bonding package just so his supermajority membership can pass out plates of fat around their hometown hearths this fall. Last month he said he refused to negotiate with Rell because he says he was attacked in the media by her and her staff.

What a damnably babyish thing to say... the man who once said the Governor was not an "honorable human being."

What about the children, Jim?

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mccommas said...

Well I don't think much the Governor's ability to govern but not an honorable human being?


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.