Friday, September 28, 2007

Break it up!

That's what Chris Caruso was asked to do. And no, not with a plunger. The Democrat legislator and candidate for mayor of Bridgeport assembled with supporters on the steps of Bridgeport Superior Court for a press conference saying he had filed a lawsuit to overturn the results of the September 11th primary he lost to Sen. Bill Finch by 270 votes.

As Caruso was concluding his conference, nine police officers asked him if he had a permit to conduct the event on state property. Naturally, it turns out he didn't need any such permit, and there is no permitting for such an event. Caruso, as annoying a demagogue as ever walked the Earth, was simply exercising his rights. No one should have stopped him.

His lawsuit is of course generally without merit. But he is following in the good tradition of way-left libs who lose elections and then decide to sue for a victory. A tradition perfected by great men like Al Gore. But he does have the right to call a press conference and demonstrate what a pompous, arrogant, blustering oaf he is. It's his God-given right.

So, was it Finch or his supporters that instigated the police intervention? Finch, as I've noted before, is borderline retarded. When he won the primary against Caruso, he cogently remarked: "I could not be any happier. I feel like Lou Gehrig - an alive Lou Gehrig." Ughh.

Naturally, we are pleased he didn't feel like the dead Lou Gehrig.

So, who knows who called the fuzz on Caruso. But as the hurricane-force flatulent winds of adversity continue to blow in Bridgeport, we know what makes up that city's Democratic politics... and it's generally pinched off at fifteen inches. That means you need to break it up.

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mccommas said...

Cops enforcing laws that don't exist. Whats next?

It never occurs to some to let others have their say and move on.

Some just aren't mature enough to handle the fact that not everyone agrees with them. I got a shril sort of fellow like that at CT Local Politics.

He could not accept the fact that I had an opinion different than his on the Public Financing ripoff law.