Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whoa... Easy on Bridgeport

The show "Family Guy" took a small, amusing crack at the city of Bridgeport last night.  Naturally, there is outrage among those in the city of Bridgeport who are either literate, own a television, or actually speak English.  In other words, about five people.

While it is reasonably true that Bridgeport is the home to the things cited above, they went easy on the city, failing to mention that it is the home to corrupt formerly jailed Democrats.  As we approach Christmas time we should remember that Ernest Newton was the Moses of his people.

It is also the place you can go score some chronic outside a Bluefish game or get a shiv in your neck while soliciting hookers outside a boarded up crack den.  The new motto should be "Bridgeport...  making Frog Hollow look safe since 1973."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

John Mertens, Working Families, and the Liberal Double-Standard

My favorite group of liberals over at MyLeftNutSmeg are doing what they do best (piss and moan) over the candidacy of John Mertens who "hijacked" the Connecticut for Lieberman Party endorsement to use it to advance his own political agenda.  However, this same gang of crybabies continue to turn a blind eye to the fictitious and fraudulent "Working Families" Party, a second ballot line for Democrats.

John Mertens may have "hijacked" the CFLP ballot line for his candidacy but at least you can say this about him; the CFLP wasn't just a charade used by liberal Democrats to help prop up Democratic candidates by putting them on a second ballot line, which is exactly what the so-called "Working Families" Party does.  It is a bullshit front-shop Democrats and this gang of cyber-hippies will never profess the kind of outrage over this than they do over Mertens.

To be an actual "third" party one must endorse its own slate of candidates, or at least do so in the majority of cases.  A handful of cross-endorsements would be understandable.  That isn't what Working Families does.  In 2008 they cross endorsed two token safe Republicans in the State Senate, then all Democrat candidates with the exception of one opponent who ran against conservative Senate Democrat Joan Hartley. They fielded another against the more conservative Democrat Linda Schofield.

In 2010 the charade continued.  WF cross-endorsed every Democrat running for Constitutional offices; governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, secretary of the state, attorney general and treasurer.  They also endorsed the democrat running for U.S. Senate.  Then they cross-endorsed all the Democrats running for all five of Connecticut's Congressional seats.  Then they cross-endorsed a whole mess of Democrats running for State Senate and State Representative.

It isn't even much of a charade.  These people are Democrats.  And this isn't an independent party.

If you want to go nuts about what John Mertens did by stealing the Connecticut for Lieberman Party (from the other assclowns who originally stole it themselves) then you might want to cast your vitriol this way as well.  Unless you aren't interested in being intellectually honest, which we know is the hallmark of the great work over at MLN.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Airport Body Scan Freakout

I don't know what the big deal over the incredibly effective body scans at airports is.  Look at this image for instance.  Not only can we tell that this woman is packing heat, but we also know she needs to wash her ass a little better.

The outrage of people who insist this is a violation of their rights are being absurd.  Their right to hide the fact that they have back fat or weird nipples does not outweigh my right to not get blown up on an airplane.

Opponents of this great technology are outraged that refusal to submit to the scan results in an "enhanced pat-down" - a physical search where breasts and genitals are felt.  They contend this is tantamount to sexual assault. Yet on any flight you have been on, maybe there were four in 200 that you might actually want to feel up. Trust me, this is not thrilling the airport security folks...  there's no bragging rights in going to third base with a 400 lb. sweaty tourist in a mu mu in a United terminal.

Folks who object to this are not crusaders for privacy rights.  They are people who are embarrassed by their own unattractive buttocks, or are terrified that the world may know that one of their testicles hangs lower than the other.  Then of course, there is that small group of people who actually want to sneak weapons and explosives onto an airplane - the purpose of all of this in the first place.

If you're embarrassed about your hideous figure, or object to the exposure of how fat your ass is, that's no excuse to jeopardize my safety.  Go hit a gym.  Then perhaps on your next international flight you can take great pride in your body scan.  Passersby will marvel at your firm buttocks!  You may be asked to sign a printout of the scan.  And if fellow passengers happen to know you're circumcised and carrying a a tube of personal lubricant in your pocket, so be it.

The perennial question "How's it hanging?" verified by TSA.

Sharkey-Infested Waters

It has taken him a decade to get there, but House Democrats have anointed Brendan Sharkey as the new Democratic House Majority Leader.  I couldn't ask for a more aptly named individual to lead the dead-eyed chum-chewing cold-bloods that make up the House Democratic caucus.

Indeed, this caucus tastes the blood of the taxpayer in the water, and is coming in for a feeding frenzy.  As Sheriff Brody said, "we're going to need a bigger boat."

Mr. Sharkey has been the chief proponent of "smart growth" (when politicians call something "smart," you know damned well it's retarded), and he has advanced a policy of regionalization.  Regionalization is, in essence, the robbing of local communities to make decisions for themselves, combining emergency response, schools and other government resources together to "save money."

Of course, it doesn't save the taxpayers money...  most will pay more.  It saves the state money in funding to the communities, so they can lard up some other pet projects.

The bottom line in regionalization is that it also allows the cities to benefit from suburban taxpayers to fund all their government projects in a giant collective.  If you moved to a nice suburb because you thought the town's education was first rate for your children...  bam... they're in school with inner city kids in a regional school where the dropout rate will get jacked, and your child's academics and college plans will suffer.

He will still be second fiddle to Speaker Donovan.  But there can be no question - no matter how dim he is, he will come off looking like a genius when held next to outgoing Majority Leader Denise Merrill, who has been rewarded for her stupidity and mismanagement by being given a job that we apparently expect to be done by dummies- the Secretary of State's office.

So what will the new Sharkey regime look like?  Will they still play computer solitaire during House debates on the budget?  Will they still put off the pressing questions of our age to handle Power Ball, frog dissection, and guaranteeing your right to use an employee toilet when your IBS acts up in a Sports Authority?

He may be a shark...  but he will need to have the power to raise a caucus that has flopped lower than whale shit.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Borrow... and Borrow Some More!

Once again, we will be asked to pay for the poor planning of the imbeciles in the state legislature.  And once again, we will pay far above the asking price as we will be borrowing the money.  So...  let's see what our great grandchildren are about to buy us now...

Turns out that despite warnings from the Rell administration and Republicans in the legislature, the Democrats did not budget enough money for the state's emergency energy relief program.   It may go broke as early as next month, and a special session may be called to deal with it.

By "deal with it" of course, I am referring to the way the Democrats have dealt with everything in this economic crisis; through BORROWING.  A practice that has damaged our bond rating, and caused residents of this state to pay more in interest on all the things we borrow for.

The liberal logic is typical: that dastardly bastardly budget they passed last year authorized nearly $1 billion in borrowing.  Thanks to "unanticipated" revenue streams, they only borrowed $650 million.  So if they borrow only $50 million more, they are still WELL UNDER the $1 billion they initially thought they would borrow.

Somehow, they expect us to see this as a victory.

The state budget is $19 billion...  higher than it has ever been.  In a time of economic crisis our spending has gone up.  There is no restraint with this group.  A special session will call in the same legislature that has failed all along, and with fifteen fewer Democrats, I still have no faith it will discover restraint.

Will Governor Rell approve special legislation to borrow?  What does Governor-elect Malloy think about this?

When you have a chance, thank your unborn great-grandchildren who will still be paying the foolishness of today.  They are apparently a generous lot.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Congratulations Obama!

In the previous 60 year history of mid-term elections, President Barack Obama gets the title of president to lose the most seats in Congress in a mid-term election.

Dwarfing the Republican Revolution against Clinton in 1994, this ass-kicking is significant.

Congratulations Mr. President!

The Death of Death

The good news that Steven Hayes has been sentenced to death has a tarnished silver lining.  The election of Dan Malloy as governor signals the abolition of the death penalty in Connecticut will finally come to fruition, and neither Steven Hayes nor Joshua Komisarjevsky will ever see the syringe.

Governor-Elect Malloy has tried to have it both ways on this issue.  During his campaign he has contended that while he wants to abolish the death penalty in the state, he would not make it retroactive, signaling to those who view the Cheshire killings as a political issue that he would not try to prevent those killers from receiving the death penalty. A curious position to take- either you believe no one should receive the death penalty or you don't.

At any rate, the state legislature already voted to abolish the death penalty, only to have the bill vetoed by Governor Rell.  It will most assuredly be introduced again in 2011.  Advocates of abolishing the death penalty, such as Rep. Michael Lawlor of East Haven, continuously make the torpid argument that since the death penalty is so difficult to carry out in this state, we might as well just get rid of it.

He acts as if he is somehow powerless to improve the application of the death penalty, yet he is a continuous vote against streamlining the appeals process.  He obstructs improvements, and then claims those obstructions as a reason for wiping out the death penalty.

It will be interesting to see how the views of Malloy on non-retroactivity, and those of members of the legislature to save all filthy murderers currently on death row will jibe.  In the meantime, one thing is certain - Connecticut voters, who favor the execution of the Cheshire murderers by 62%, have put in place a governor and legislature that will never let it happen.

Happy Birthday Marine Corps

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Craps

In one of the more delightful stories from this past election cycle, a neighbor of a newly re-elected state representative claims to be in a fit of terror over a dummy seated on a toilet on the legislator's property.

There is clearly more to the back-story on this one than we will ever know.  But a neighbor of state representative DebraLee Hovey of Newtown claimed during the election that Hovey and her husband had made improvements to their basement that had not been reviewed by the Assessor's Office.  A real friendly neighbor obviously, but that's politics.

One of the home improvements alleged was a bathroom, hence the display at the end of Hovey's driveway aimed at her neighbor following her 62% victory over Democrat Michelle Mount on November 2nd.

The Newtown Patch has the scoop on this here.  Neighbor Patricia Campbell claims she is a victim and is terrorized by the dumping dummy.  Says she:
"I'm just scared to death and threatened," said Patricia Campbell, Hovey's neighbor. "I'm not going home now because I'm afraid. These people are bullying me. I'm fearful for my personal being, and property. I am threatened.
"That character looking down my driveway, it's not a pumpkin head, it's Scream's face. That's a killer object at the end of my driveway. One of the first things you learn as a child is that bullying is wrong. Grow up. This is scary. This isn't funny. Not at all."
So frightened for her well-being was Campbell that she called the police.   I would have loved to have been there for that.  A call to the police because there's a dummy taking a shit in your neighbor's yard.  And you're scared of it. The dummy doesn't even appear to have hands to wipe itself.

Since Ms. Campbell is apparently not going home while this evil dummy is in place, I'm not sure where she is hiding out.  She should realize from whatever safehouse she is hiding from this dummy at that she looks like a complete retard.

I know she wants to create a little drama and get some members of the public on her side, but claiming that a pair of stuffed pants and sweatshirt sitting on a flusher is a threat to your safety stretches her waning credibility.  I don't know what could compel someone to believe that a toilet could be a "killer object" but Ms. Campbell must have grown up in a household where a lot of Mexican food was eaten.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Democrat I'll Miss So Much...

What will Connecticut's political landscape be like without the astounding incompetency and gross imbecility that has been the hallmark of Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz's tenure in office?

We will all be left to fondly recall Madame Secretary, desperate to be seen as Connecticut's other attorney general, jumping up and down behind Richard Blumenthal trying to be captured on camera during events like the Broadwater saga, in which she played no legitimate official role but would deceive us that she did.

We will also be left with the memories of official duties so grossly neglected that it took UConn students to discover that thousands of dead people remained registered to vote across the state, and that some of them had only taken to voting after they died.

She didn't go willingly...  the same imbecility that distinguished her official actions plagued her political ones.  While leading in the polls among Democrats running for governor early this year, she opted to run for attorney general, only she didn't realize or acknowledge that she did not have the experience required under the law. A court ruling dropped her from the race leaving her with no political options for her burgeoning ambitions.

Madame Secretary will now have plenty of time to attain the experience needed for some future run for attorney general.  In them meantime, she appears to be exiting the public stage in the same manner we have become accustomed to - incompetence!

The disgraceful fiasco in Bridgeport where there were not enough ballots available to voters, and polls were allowed to remain open until 10PM can be laid squarely at her feet.  To be so il-prepared for an event you only have to properly execute once a year is inexcusable.  She has capped this off by making an "unofficial" declaration of the victory of Dan Malloy in the governor's race - an obvious political move aimed at conveying legitimacy to one candidate's claim to victory when the numbers have not been established.

While it may be difficult to do worse than this hack in such an important office, Connecticut may have actually managed that.  Denise Merrill, the Secretary-elect who has played a major role in our fiscal woes as House Majority Leader, may be even more incompetent.  No doubt, she will easily make herself the subject of numerous postings here...  so strap yourselves down.

Fifteen Scalps

While the GOP wave crashed across America on Tuesday, Connecticut voters managed to still find reason to keep all five Democrats representing the state in Congress, and a full set of Democrat constitutional offices, presuming Dan Malloy prevails as governor...  a spectacular thing happened in the belly of this Blue Beast.

Fifteen incumbent legislative Democrat scalps were taken.  One of those was actually a squirrel pelt as the scalp belongs to Senator Tom Colapietro, long known for having the worst toupee in the Connecticut General Assembly.  His was the lone seat added to the Senate Republicans.  The remaining victories were to house Republicans who pushed their ranks from 37 back up to 51 members.

Among those defeated were many I am pleased to see that made my short list of those Democrats deserving defeat.  Elizabeth Esty in Cheshire, Jim O'Rourke in Cromwell, Jason Bartlett of Bethel, and Annie Hornish in Granby went down. 

To add to the delight is the defeat of Steve Fontana in North Haven, Corky Mazurek in Wolcott, Theresa Conroy on Seymour, Joan Lewis in Coventry Thomas Keho in Glastonbury Peggy Reeves in Wilton and Ted Graziani in Ellington.  The remaining victories were open Democrat seats.  Not a single incumbent Republican was defeated election night.

While this is good news, Democrats still hold just under two-thirds of the House chamber.  The potential loss of the governor's mansion will most likely mean that more taxes, more spending and more borrowing will be the solutions from your inadequate state leaders going forward.

But in the meantime, the victories that were mounted against some of the most incompetent and onerous Democrats in office were admirable and should be savored.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chris Donovan & Donald Williams - #1 Democrats Most Deserving of Defeat

It's a tie- what can I say?  The leaders of our state legislature- Speaker Chris Donovan and Senate President Don Williams- have bumbled, obfuscated, prevaricated, procrastinated and lied their way through a budget crisis of their own creation, and have pushed the hard decisions off until after today's election.

They have failed in every real measurement there is of our leaders: character, responsibility, leadership, fiscal stewardship and judgment among others.

They have refused to cut anything significant from the state budget - even duplicative services, have been lapdogs of state employee unions and unwilling to let a single state employee go while unemployment in the private sector has risen over 9%.  They have borrowed over $1 billion to fund state government, and destroyed Connecticut's bond rating causing all of us to pay more to borrow that money.

In the days when being a politician was fun where there was money to throw around to every legislative pet project in the world. Residents paid little notice at the time.  But times have changed, and the times call for better than we have in these two men.

Will either of these men be defeated at the polls today?  No, I don't believe so.  But they should be defeated for something far more significant...  the leadership posts they currently hold.  Returning the Don-Don duo to power would signal to state residents that the legislature is still tone deaf to the problems out there, and that they will steam ahead with business as usual.  This should not be allowed to happen.

For this reason, I select Speaker Chris Donovan and Senate President Don Williams as the Number 1 Democrats Deserving of defeat.

Now my friends...  let's go make this list a reality today!

Resources Democrats May Need Today...

Will this be Stretch's Last Day?

I sense some diarrhea on the way. If the Speaker were in Connecticut today, she would be able to stop at any Dress Barn or P.C. Richards and blow up the employee can with a doctor's note thanks to the hard work of our legislature.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dan Malloy - #2 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

The good news is that Democrats in Connecticut have been locked out of the Governor's mansion since 1991.  It would be better to continue that policy.

Dan Malloy is an interesting fellow who sort of comes off like a nice guy but he is far too much a whiner to imagine in control of the administration of the state's affairs.

I enjoy the contrast of Tom Foley's smooth vocal tone in response to questions being followed by Malloy's complete loss of his mental shit.  He wants to be governor, and dammit, he's pissed at you for making him wait so fucking long!

Malloy is laughably casting himself as an outsider in this election.  After 14 years as Mayor of Stamford, a city which would have certainly failed to elect him again had he not prudently avoided it, he is nothing but the career politician he pretends to loathe like the rest of us.  His choice of a running mate confirms it.  After all, what says fresh thinking more than picking the albino prune known as Nancy Wyman, the state's long-time Comptroller and former state legislator.  I mean, nothing breathes fresh air into the room like choosing the afterlife caseworker from 'Beetlejuice' who smokes through a stoma in her neck.

The Connecticut legislature currently has 114 Democrats in the 151 member House and 24 Democrats in the 36 member Senate.  After tomorrow, there should be a few more Republicans, but it's safe to say that Democrats will remain in the majority.  The last twenty years have been awful under them, but during that time we have been insulated by a Republican governor that shut them down a number of times.  Imagine a Democrat governor acting in syncopation with them.

Under Dan Malloy and a Democratic legislature, you will see higher taxes, more spending, greater debt and the expansion of our current mess.  This cannot be allowed to happen, and late-breaking polls show that Tom Foley is pulling ahead in an incredibly tight race.  He needs to get over the top for all our sakes.

This is why I choose Dan Malloy as the #2 Democrat most deserving of defeat.  Tomorrow is election day...  the day we have all been waiting for...and I will reveal my #1 selection.

Guess Who's An Imbecile.

It's pretty rare that I read something and do a double take with that "do I actually see this?" kind of puzzlement. But it did happen thanks to Bridgeport's semi-retarded Mayor Bill Finch.

Bill Finch is absolutely one of the dumbest people in Connecticut politics, and man... that's saying something.  It is far easier to imagine him grunting out incorrect answers to a pop quiz on shapes and colors than it is to conceive of him managing the affairs of one of the state's largest cities.

Anyhow, I am sure the excitement of President Obama coming to town was just so overwhelming.  But upon introducing the president on his recent visit to the city that smells like Bluefish, Finch blurted out "guess who's coming to dinner!"

The obvious reference to the title of the 1967 Sidney Poitier movie about a white couple, played by Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn,  coming to terms with their daughter's intentions of marrying a black physician.  The racial implications of the charged remark were enormous.  And yet, the liberal press has given the moronic Finch a pass.

Can you imagine, for just a moment, that Governor Jodi Rell had ever introduced the President of the United States in such a way?  The deafening charges of racism would make headlines for a week.  But the mentally deficient Finch is willfully ignored.

Remarkably, that wasn't the dumbest thing Finch said.  Before Obama took the stage he actually said that (after the economy collapsed "the cavalry marched in: Jim Himes and Barrack Obama!... The stimulus is working!"

Finch should take a look around his city and the rest of the state.  The stimulus is a failure.  Jim Himes is a failure.  Barrack Obama is a failure.  And Bill Finch is still stupid.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elizabeth Esty - #3 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

Opposing the death penalty is bad enough.  But when you vote to abolish the death penalty when the savage Petit slayings took place in your district, it is especially awful.

Rep. Elizabeth Esty is another one of those first-term Democrats that took a Republican district in the Obama wave of 2008.  Hopefully, what Obama washed in, Obama will wash out.

In her first (and hopefully only) term in the legislature Esty has awkwardly walked the path of attempting to vote with her far left colleagues in the House, while putting up a "moderate" front at home.  It hasn't worked.

In 2010, she faces the man she narrowly defeated, Al Adinolfi.  Remarkably, she has taken to publicly rebuking Adinolfi for getting too many pork projects for the district while he served.  It is an accusation she has failed to level at State Senator Thomas Gaffey, or State Representative Mary Fritz, Democrats who also had a hand in getting that funding.

And of course, there is her outspoken opposition to the death penalty and her vote to abolish it just as the animals who killed a mother and her two daughters right in her hometown in a most unspeakable way were about to go on trial.  The sense of urgency on the part of Democrats in the legislature to pass this ban could almost have been taken as an attempt to save their despicable lives.

Esty is arrogant, believes the electorate are stupid, and should discover next week how out of touch her effete politics are with her district. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Michael Murren: The Democrats' Deadbeat Dad in Fairfield

If you are sent to jail for failing to pay over $13,000 of child support for your three children, you have a lot of balls believing that people should vote you into an office where your priorities will impact the well-being of every child in this state.

Such is the case with Michael Murren, the Democratic nominee for a state Representative seat in Fairfield.  When thrown in jail by a judge for willfully failing to pay the child support for his three children, he managed to find $6,000 pretty damned quick to bail himself out.

"It's not like I did anything criminal," he said in a revealing column by MariAn Gail Brown. Actually, you see, it is a crime.  That is why you were arrested and thrown in jail.

Interestingly, Murren's ex-wife apparently has held down three jobs to support her children, while this deadbeat dad pursues public office.  It's ridiculous.

Murren has been doing the political rounds with fellow-Fairfield area Democrat Kim Fawcett who is seeking re-election.  Fawcett should be proud of the statement her friend makes about women's and children's issues.  Of course, Fawcett doesn't withhold care from her own children... but she could learn to drive a little more carefully.

 Brown does a pretty good job of seeing through to absurdity of this guy's rather bald lies as he tries to cover up for his embarrassing dereliction of duty.

Note to Murren:  right now we are trying to throw out Democrats in Hartford who have no sense of responsibility or personal accountability.  You are stage-diving as the crowd parts.  There's no room for you in the Capitol.  You should spend a little less time pursuing personal goals like running for a political post and perhaps spend some time mending the relationship with your children which could clearly use some work.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Democrats iin North Haven Destroying Your Tax Dollars - Literally.

I know what you're saying after reading this headline...  "No Kidding!"  But I mean it in a literal sense.  In the Town of North Haven, Democrats are destroying the political signs that have been paid for by YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

The whole taxpayer-funded campaign finance system is an abomination.  While all of us struggle in this economy to pay bills, make ends meet and keep food on the table, arrogant eggheads like North Haven's Steve Fontana have voted to make sure that their political campaigns will each get $31,000 of taxpayer dollars so they can annoy us with crappy postcards, bumper stickers, radio ads and lawn signs, jamming their unattractive faces right in our grills.

Now, of course, this represents a complete inability to reconcile the state's financial crisis, our ability as taxpayers to foot the bill, and establishing legitimate spending priorities for state government.  

It appears that supporters of Steve Fontana in North Haven must be a little nervous.  It appears that Democrats in that town have taken to spending several days vandalizing the signs of his opponent, Dave Yaccarino.  Destruction of campaign signs is vandalism.  But since we are all forced to pay for the Goddamn things, these people should be charged with destruction of public property.

I enjoy stories like this because it tells me about the desperation on the left, as well as the lack of emotional maturity to be found among supporters of Steve Fontana.  Of course, to support Steve Fontana, you must support chronic imbecility.

Horse F**KER

Are ya kidding me?  This has to be one of the most foul stories I have heard in some time.  Mr. Marian Weigel of Shelton stands accused of sexually assaulting a horse.

The horse, named Indiana, was apparently minding its own business in its pen at the home of Joan and Alison Flannery.  Alison, the younger Flannery, looked out her window to see Weigel behind the horse pumping his fist into the mare's backside.

Police were called, and charged him with a litany of things.  Apparently there are no bestiality laws in Connecticut - he was charged with fourth degree sexual assault.  You might think that with the litany of animal bills Annie Hornish introduced in the last two years of the legislature this one would have been covered.  Apparently it never occurred even to her that such an atrocity might be committed. Well, there ought to be a stronger penalty!

Jamming your arm elbow-deep into a horse's va-jayjay ought to earn you a greater penalty than pinching the ass of an unsuspecting passer-by. 

I'm sure the horse was asking for it...  tempting Mr. Weigel every morning, parading it's big brown naked ass in front of him all the time.  What's a poor perverted freak to do?

On top of the daily worries of large-animal owners, now they apparently have to also worry about who is coming over to try to bang their horses.

If you ask me, they ought to strap this guy down, lather his can up with horse pheromones and let a massive Clydesdale stallion give him fifteen inches of deep regrets.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jim O'Rourke - #4 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

One of the most disgraceful and unfortunate episodes over the past two years involving an elected Democrat was the tragic death of a DMV worker through the alleged negligence of State Representative James O'Rourke.

The details are sad. The story has no likable characters. And in the end, a life was lost. Carol Sinisgalli clearly had some issues and the cold January evening she chose to go to Digger McDuff's those problems she had were in full effect. She was severely impaired and got into an altercation with a bar patron who was in a wheelchair. She fled the bar without a coat, purse or shoes when the police were called on her.

Enter Cromwell State Representative Jim O'Rourke, whose car she climbed into in the parking lot. According to documents submitted in the civil suit initiated against O'Rourke by Sinisgalli's estate, O'Rourke was aware that the police had been called on her. He chose to drive her from the premises, unaware of where her home was.

Evidently she fought with O'Rourke and became belligerent in the car, fleeing it somewhere in Rocky Hill, without her shoes coat or purse in 14 degree winter weather.She was found the following day by a cross-country skier, having frozen to death.

This event has always raised more questions to me than answers.  I will never understand how someone could allow a severely drunken person to flee their car in 14 degree weather with no shoes, coat or purse and simply do nothing about it...  not even call authorities to try to secure her assistance if you were unable to physically manage her hostile state.

This goes to judgment.  We expect our elected officials to have some.  Rocky Hill Police wrote out a warrant for his arrest for negligent homicide but a judge refused to swear it out.  This sordid, disgraceful event earns Jim O'Rourke my designation as #4 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat.

Denise Nappier's MAGIC Trick

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Day Dumps Prague

In a slightly startling turn, the New London Day has come to its senses and has endorsed challenger Sean Sullivan in the 19th State Senate District over the 213-year incumbent, Edith Prague.

Perhaps the most meaningful passage in the endorsement of Sullivan is the following, which neatly sums up the problem with electing any incumbent Democrat in Hartford, not just Prague:
They are not only on different political planets - they're in different galaxies.  And right now, Connecticut needs a new galaxy, a new collection of lawmakers in Hartford willing to make the difficult decisions. The legislature must address the budget deficit. It must streamline government. Only by repairing its own fiscal problems can the state again make Connecticut more attractive to businesses and desirable and affordable for its young people.
Prague, a ghast of a liberal who held a seat in the Connecticut General Assembly since it was known as the General Corte, is without doubt a central figure in the financial disaster the state now finds itself.

She was a central figure in the unification of the Hartford, Windsor and Wethersfield colonies that created Connecticut, and was known to clash often with Governor Gurdon Saltonstall on the goat tax.  But her antiquated, moldy, yellowed and parched approach to government is ill-suited to the current times and the current crisis, which she does not appear to comprehend.

It is time to turn this seat over to someone who is not old enough to remember the lightning storm that splintered the Charter Oak.  It's time to brig in fresh ideas, and whisk the odor of mothballs and BenGay from the Senate Chamber.

You're fired Edith!  Take your spittoon and your curious movable-type machine with you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Denise Merrill - #5 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

If you wanted to narrow it down to four or five people that should be held responsible for the complete wreckage our state's finances have been reduced to, Denise Merrill would make that short-list.

There is nothing likable about Denise Merrill.  She is arrogant, lecturing, foolhardy, and mousy.  And those are her good qualities.

Now campaigning for Secretary of the State, Merrill is all too happy to pretend that she has nothing to do with the economic mess she helped create as the Democratic Majority Leader in the Connecticut State House.  Instead, she reflexively blames George W. Bush on our bad economy, and arrogantly sniffs that these issues are of little import to her as she looks to succeed Susan Bysiewicz as the state's chief elections official.

There is one thing that Merrill has in common with our current and outgoing Secretary of the State, and that is the gross exaggeration of her legal credentials.  We all know how Susan Bysiewicz screwed herself by forcing a legal decision that established she did not have the necessary ten years of legal experience to become Attorney General.  As the Courant's Jon Lender points out, Merrill claims on her state site and her campaign site that she is an attorney.

Yet she does not practice law and is considered "inactive" since she passed the bar in California 30 years ago.  She has never practiced law in Connecticut.  She never attended law school, and instead passed the bar after having interned at a law firm under a California law in place at the time.

According to Connecticut law, one cannot advertise themselves as an attorney in a way that gives the impression that they are an attorney in practice if they have not passed the Connecticut bar.  Merrill's disregard for such technicalities is entirely in step with the precedent set by the current Secretary of the State, and just as imbecilic.

But this is a small issue to the fact that Merrill has been a complete partisan hack and a failure as a leader in the legislature.  For the details on why she is such a torpid and useless politician I could not possibly do better than Ray Hacket at the Day did here.  She has helped crash the ship of state on the financial rocks and is now hoping to be rewarded with the safety boat of higher office.  If there is any political justice she will be washed up this November (literally. Please Miss Merrill... take a shower).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Gross.  Another Democrat drowning in a sea of sexual retardation. At least this one no longer holds office.

The Courant is reporting that former State Representative and teacher Michael Cardin has been accused of sexually inappropriate conduct with some fellow teachers and with a female high school student.

While others in the world have the luck to have Brett Favre send them pictures of his junk over their cellphone, these lucky ladies were treated to the awkward advances of this satyr-like creature,  It's a cruel world.

The text messages that Cardin allegedly sent to a female teacher make the emails of some years ago between Senate Stud Muffin Tom Gaffey and his lover seem damned-near Shakespearean.  In one message he supposedly said "I love you... I wanted to jump you all night."  From a man-boy that is half-goat, it is possible the statement was innocent enough.  He probably also wanted to chew on her shirt sleeve.

Far more disturbing are the allegations of inappropriate behavior in his role as a seventh-grade social studies teacher which include sexual discussions and references in the classroom setting, and inappropriate touching.  Most seventh grade social studies teachers may ask students to find the Netherlands on a map, not to find the Nether Regions in their pants.

Of course, in all fairness, these allegations have not yet been proven.  And no one has yet established how it is that he typed these text messages with his hooves.

Hopeless in Hartford

Ken Krayeske's Quixotic run in the First Congressional District is certainly without hope of victory. But he's smart enough to know that. This blogger, "reporter" activist and socialist is just trying to make a dent. That dent could be in John Larson's political face.

Krayeske used to be very entertaining. Back when Connecticut Local Politics was still around, his posts could be depended on to be the legitimate voice of the truly Marxist among us.

This ad is hilarious to me. True, Krayeske is opening with a typical communist "the machinery of capitalism is oiled with the blood of the workers" salvo. But I like the way he hits Larson with it since Larson is far from an every man's every man.

Ken is more Red than Green.  But I think everyone can agree that Jim Calhoun is an astoundingly over-paid bastard who flares up like a basket of hemorrhoids at the slightest provocation.

We have judges who are apparently getting political pressure to take furloughs and give back money, but no one is asking Calhoun to give anything up.  And as he noted himself, he won't willingly surrender even one thin dime.

The connection this ad makes, although somewhat clumsily, is that the overpaid and politically connected people on the public payroll are the very type of expense we cannot afford in this economic climate, and it is the first thing that Democrats in Hartford and men like John Larson line up to save when the chips are down.

Ken will lose in November.  But so will all the rest of us if they re-elect  a shameless tool like John Larson. One good outcome could be that if the race is actually as close as one poll has indicated it might be, Krayeske could siphon off enough votes to damage Larson.  So, run Ken, run.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jason Bartlett - #6 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

When a politician is full of himself and simultaneously full of bullshit, the two become one. State Representative Jason Bartlett of the 2nd State House District in Bethel is a nice brimming, steaming Kona blend of both.

In his time in the legislature, Bartlett has demonstrated an air of superiority, and a firm belief that the laws he votes on don't apply to incredibly special people like him.

Last year Bartlett was pulled over by a police officer because he was talking on his cell phone, breaking a law that the august club he belongs to had created.  It turned out that Bartlett had a suspended license.  This was due to the fact that he had ignored a ticket for a previous offense for driving while using a phone without a hands-free device.

But it was worse.  Bartlett's car was also unregistered.  And uninsured.  Both had lapsed nearly a year prior.

Bartlett claimed that he was unaware that any of these things.  In other words, he believes that everyone is stupid enough to believe that he would not know his license was suspended, his registration was expired and that he hadn't been paying an insurance premium on his car for a year.

Rather, it would seem that he never expected anyone to dare call him on his infraction.  He is super special as you know!

Bartlett legislates in the same irresponsible and reckless way that he conducts his personal affairs.  He is a dependable vote for bloated government, high taxes and out-of-control spending.  Just as he felt his personal indiscretions had no consequences, he is indifferent to the consequences his votes have on the working people of his district and the state.  He is a prime example of the type of politician who needs to be dumped on November 2nd.

For this reason, I name Jason Bartlett the #6 Democrat Most Deserving of defeat.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Denise Nappier - #7 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

The Only Incumbent Constitutional Officer looking to retain their office this year on the ballot is one we should definitely force to retire.  Denise Nappier doesn't know what the Hell is she is doing as State Treasurer, and she's not about to learn now.

The debt and pension crisis in this state is the direct result of Nappier's gross negligence.  The state is borrowing unprecedented amounts of money to cover the cost of bloated government and Nappier's answer is to borrow more.

Now you may say "Hold on there!  She doesn't set these policies!" And you might be right to an extent.  Nappier is far less to blame that our torpid General Assembly.  However, the State Treasurer has an obligation to fight for the proper investments of our money and to speak up when policies are ruinous.  Because Nappier is a political hack and not a financial professional, we get no such protestations.  In fact, she is all to pleased to help pave the road to Hell that Democrats are leading us down.

This year we'll have a chance to put a really good fiscal watchdog in the Treasurer's office:  Jeff Wright, the Cash Cop!

With the state in the fiscal crisis it is in, we need a state treasurer who will do more than put on a strange wig and ask everyone to "Check CHET out." You check out Denise... out of office.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

John Larson - #8 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

John Larson probably sees himself as John F.Kennedy.  I see him as Ted Kennedy, only slightly more partisan and flatulent.

Since the former Democratic State Senate leader John Larson went to Congress representing CD1 we have spent that time in awe about how good we had it with Barbara "We are all contamination" Kennelly.

Larson has been one of the most partisan rump-swabs to the Democratic leadership in Washington, catapulting his sycophantic ignoble backside to the post of Democratic Caucus Chairman.  When Nancy Pelosi speaks, Larson is right behind her holding her face skin tight as a drum.

He has haughtily asserted that he will preserve New England for Democrats, but with a new poll out today, John Larson might want to hang a little closer to home.  A CT Capitol Report poll shows that Larson's generally safe seat may not be so safe after all.  The poll shows Republican challenger Ann Brickley within seven points.

While most Democrats have spent their time running home to campaign and running away from Barack Obama and their national party identification, Larson has been running away from his district to raise money in Napa Valley and proudly touting all the water-carrying he has been doing for the Obama administration.

Sadly, Larson will likely win, but to see Brickley coming this close in a district that has been so out of reach to Republicans since redistricting a decade ago is good.  It tells a larger tale of voter dissatisfaction across the state with the failed economic policies, expensive bailouts and unaffordable national healthcare reform that Larson helped jam down the nation's throat.

I'd say he might learn a lesson, but I don't think a man with this massive an ego or sense of entitlement is capable of such wisdom.  For this reason, I name John Larson the Number Eight Democrat most deserving of defeat in Connecticut.  And I will pray for a small miracle in the First District on November 2nd.

Annie Hornish - #9 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

I know that a state legislature is supposed to be reflective of all its citizens. Unfortunately, birds, rats, frogs, dogs and other furry things that crap in the woods can't vote. That's where representative Annie Hornish of the 62nd District comes in!

A first-term animal rights vegan extremist who is intellectually unequal to the task of governing that was swept in by the Obama wave in 2008, Hornish doesn't dedicate any of her legislative work to people, but rather to animals.

Hornish introduced sixteen bills in 2009 that had to do with animals, saving them from this thing or that thing.  Many of them are good ideas too...  the only animals I believe we should be cruel to are the malodorous  bipedal hominids known as dirty liberals.   But she has no sense of proper proportion - she introduced no bills that year that would help the jobs of human beings in this state.  Rather, some of her animal bills promised to hurt Connecticut businesses and cost jobs.  Inexplicably, she introduced no bills at all in the 2010 session, presumably because that session focuses on the budget, something she doesn't appear to have any interest in.

Hornish does not seem to appreciate that this isn't a time when we can afford superficial legislators with narrow agendas trying to carve out chic niches for themselves.  She contributed exponentially to the useless sewage that clotted the legislative pipeworks last session that demonstrated the lack of serious dedication the Democratic leadership had in solving our financial woes.

Hornish came in with a mere 603 vote plurality in her district which includes Granby, East Granby, Barkhamsted and New Hartford.  Hornish faces Granby's former eight-year First Selectman Bill Simanski, a sensible conservative fellow who wants to reign in runaway government and bring jobs for human beings back to the state.

The Obama wave swept her in, and she is likely to be found among the fetid backwash carried out to sea in the returning surge from that tsunami. That is of course, if the people of the 62nd district realize that two years ago they elected someone who would rather work to save a den of rabid possum babies that save their jobs.

It is for this reason that I name State Representative Annie Hornish the Number 9 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat in 2010.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Matt Lesser - #10 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

Perhaps a politician was never more appropriately named.  Diminutive in stature, maturity, and capacity, the 100th District of the General Assembly most definitely picked the LESSER of two candidates in 2008 during the Obama wave.

A far-left Wesleyan student who never held a real job or owned a home brought an embarrassingly thin resume to the table and defeated a former secret service agent named Ray Kalinowski in the district that encompasses Middletown, Middlefield and Durham.

This pre-puber political powerhouse probably brought to the table his vast treasure trove of life experiences... perhaps a noble struggle with bed-wetting, or weaning himself off his security blanket, and maybe learning to wipe himself (a struggle I'll wager continues to this day). 

As a result, the 100th District has indeed gotten LESSER of everything.  Lesser representation. Lesser fiscal restraint.  Lesser tax relief. And Lesser chest hair.

Lesser is exactly what you would expect to get by putting a school kid into a big person job.  Awkwardly negotiating the halls of power while surging through his "girls-are-yucky-phase," he has been a steady vote in favor of massive borrowing which has lowered the state's bond rating, and for massive tax hikes.  One thing LESSER does stand up and fight against is shrinking government.

This year the 100th District has an opportunity to take this likely Dungeons & Dragons halfling out of his legislative seat and put him back in a classroom seat where he belongs, working with Crayolas instead of our tax dollars.  John Szewczyk, a Hartford police officer, Durham selectman (and adult) is running to replace Lesser. They should welcome his candidacy and throw Lesser out.

If you want someone to help bring jobs back to the state, you can start by electing people who have actually had jobs.  For this reason, Matt Lesser is number 10 on my list of Democrats needing to be tossed out in 2010.

Too Much Romulan Ale

If you have ever given to Rosa DeLauro's "Committee For  A Democratic Future," you did very little to elect Democrats, but you have done a great deal to give D.C. fat cats big meals and a Hell of a lot of booze.

It turns out that Rep. DeLauro and her husband Stanley Greenberg have hosted a number of gala events at their home in Washington just blocks from the Capitol.  An astounding $200,000 has been spent on these "policy dinners" provided for by this leadership PAC during the previous three years.  During that same period $27,500 has gone to the actual stated goal of the PAC to elect Democrats.

It would appear that this PAC exists purely to feed DeLauro and her connected Washington effete class.  And get them extraordinarily drunk.  Almost all of that $200,00 went to just one very special upscale liquor store which must be assumed to be her chief supplier of Romulan Ale while she spends her time on Earth corrupting our political system to weaken us for intergalactic invasion.

Top Ten Democrat Incumbents Deserving Defeat

Losers.  Liars. Criminals. Imbeciles.  You alternately know them as Democratic office-holders.  

While I would be hard-pressed to name a Connecticut Democrat who deserves re-election, there is a unique class of especially disgusting liberal Democrats who need to be ushered off the political landscape with great haste.

Over the course of the following few weeks leading up to the 2010 election on November 2nd, I will be giving my Top Ten Democrats Deserving Defeat - a catalog of the highest-caliber scum floating atop the cesspool of Connecticut politics.

This count-down will be interspersed with other observations and offerings as we wind down the election's final month. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some Music before the Heads Roll...

A Delicious and Macabre Disaster I Cannot Resist...

The scent of political massacre is in the air and I cannot remain in slumber without claiming some political heads (figuratively, of course... I must clarify for the bed-wetters among you).

I rise to see a political landscape soon to be dirtied with fallen liberals. I will ride once more into the October night... and take my swings. They begin soon...

The Master Plan