Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elizabeth Esty - #3 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

Opposing the death penalty is bad enough.  But when you vote to abolish the death penalty when the savage Petit slayings took place in your district, it is especially awful.

Rep. Elizabeth Esty is another one of those first-term Democrats that took a Republican district in the Obama wave of 2008.  Hopefully, what Obama washed in, Obama will wash out.

In her first (and hopefully only) term in the legislature Esty has awkwardly walked the path of attempting to vote with her far left colleagues in the House, while putting up a "moderate" front at home.  It hasn't worked.

In 2010, she faces the man she narrowly defeated, Al Adinolfi.  Remarkably, she has taken to publicly rebuking Adinolfi for getting too many pork projects for the district while he served.  It is an accusation she has failed to level at State Senator Thomas Gaffey, or State Representative Mary Fritz, Democrats who also had a hand in getting that funding.

And of course, there is her outspoken opposition to the death penalty and her vote to abolish it just as the animals who killed a mother and her two daughters right in her hometown in a most unspeakable way were about to go on trial.  The sense of urgency on the part of Democrats in the legislature to pass this ban could almost have been taken as an attempt to save their despicable lives.

Esty is arrogant, believes the electorate are stupid, and should discover next week how out of touch her effete politics are with her district. 

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