Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jason Bartlett - #6 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

When a politician is full of himself and simultaneously full of bullshit, the two become one. State Representative Jason Bartlett of the 2nd State House District in Bethel is a nice brimming, steaming Kona blend of both.

In his time in the legislature, Bartlett has demonstrated an air of superiority, and a firm belief that the laws he votes on don't apply to incredibly special people like him.

Last year Bartlett was pulled over by a police officer because he was talking on his cell phone, breaking a law that the august club he belongs to had created.  It turned out that Bartlett had a suspended license.  This was due to the fact that he had ignored a ticket for a previous offense for driving while using a phone without a hands-free device.

But it was worse.  Bartlett's car was also unregistered.  And uninsured.  Both had lapsed nearly a year prior.

Bartlett claimed that he was unaware that any of these things.  In other words, he believes that everyone is stupid enough to believe that he would not know his license was suspended, his registration was expired and that he hadn't been paying an insurance premium on his car for a year.

Rather, it would seem that he never expected anyone to dare call him on his infraction.  He is super special as you know!

Bartlett legislates in the same irresponsible and reckless way that he conducts his personal affairs.  He is a dependable vote for bloated government, high taxes and out-of-control spending.  Just as he felt his personal indiscretions had no consequences, he is indifferent to the consequences his votes have on the working people of his district and the state.  He is a prime example of the type of politician who needs to be dumped on November 2nd.

For this reason, I name Jason Bartlett the #6 Democrat Most Deserving of defeat.

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