Thursday, October 7, 2010

Annie Hornish - #9 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

I know that a state legislature is supposed to be reflective of all its citizens. Unfortunately, birds, rats, frogs, dogs and other furry things that crap in the woods can't vote. That's where representative Annie Hornish of the 62nd District comes in!

A first-term animal rights vegan extremist who is intellectually unequal to the task of governing that was swept in by the Obama wave in 2008, Hornish doesn't dedicate any of her legislative work to people, but rather to animals.

Hornish introduced sixteen bills in 2009 that had to do with animals, saving them from this thing or that thing.  Many of them are good ideas too...  the only animals I believe we should be cruel to are the malodorous  bipedal hominids known as dirty liberals.   But she has no sense of proper proportion - she introduced no bills that year that would help the jobs of human beings in this state.  Rather, some of her animal bills promised to hurt Connecticut businesses and cost jobs.  Inexplicably, she introduced no bills at all in the 2010 session, presumably because that session focuses on the budget, something she doesn't appear to have any interest in.

Hornish does not seem to appreciate that this isn't a time when we can afford superficial legislators with narrow agendas trying to carve out chic niches for themselves.  She contributed exponentially to the useless sewage that clotted the legislative pipeworks last session that demonstrated the lack of serious dedication the Democratic leadership had in solving our financial woes.

Hornish came in with a mere 603 vote plurality in her district which includes Granby, East Granby, Barkhamsted and New Hartford.  Hornish faces Granby's former eight-year First Selectman Bill Simanski, a sensible conservative fellow who wants to reign in runaway government and bring jobs for human beings back to the state.

The Obama wave swept her in, and she is likely to be found among the fetid backwash carried out to sea in the returning surge from that tsunami. That is of course, if the people of the 62nd district realize that two years ago they elected someone who would rather work to save a den of rabid possum babies that save their jobs.

It is for this reason that I name State Representative Annie Hornish the Number 9 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat in 2010.

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