Friday, October 8, 2010

Denise Nappier - #7 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

The Only Incumbent Constitutional Officer looking to retain their office this year on the ballot is one we should definitely force to retire.  Denise Nappier doesn't know what the Hell is she is doing as State Treasurer, and she's not about to learn now.

The debt and pension crisis in this state is the direct result of Nappier's gross negligence.  The state is borrowing unprecedented amounts of money to cover the cost of bloated government and Nappier's answer is to borrow more.

Now you may say "Hold on there!  She doesn't set these policies!" And you might be right to an extent.  Nappier is far less to blame that our torpid General Assembly.  However, the State Treasurer has an obligation to fight for the proper investments of our money and to speak up when policies are ruinous.  Because Nappier is a political hack and not a financial professional, we get no such protestations.  In fact, she is all to pleased to help pave the road to Hell that Democrats are leading us down.

This year we'll have a chance to put a really good fiscal watchdog in the Treasurer's office:  Jeff Wright, the Cash Cop!

With the state in the fiscal crisis it is in, we need a state treasurer who will do more than put on a strange wig and ask everyone to "Check CHET out." You check out Denise... out of office.

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