Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Gross.  Another Democrat drowning in a sea of sexual retardation. At least this one no longer holds office.

The Courant is reporting that former State Representative and teacher Michael Cardin has been accused of sexually inappropriate conduct with some fellow teachers and with a female high school student.

While others in the world have the luck to have Brett Favre send them pictures of his junk over their cellphone, these lucky ladies were treated to the awkward advances of this satyr-like creature,  It's a cruel world.

The text messages that Cardin allegedly sent to a female teacher make the emails of some years ago between Senate Stud Muffin Tom Gaffey and his lover seem damned-near Shakespearean.  In one message he supposedly said "I love you... I wanted to jump you all night."  From a man-boy that is half-goat, it is possible the statement was innocent enough.  He probably also wanted to chew on her shirt sleeve.

Far more disturbing are the allegations of inappropriate behavior in his role as a seventh-grade social studies teacher which include sexual discussions and references in the classroom setting, and inappropriate touching.  Most seventh grade social studies teachers may ask students to find the Netherlands on a map, not to find the Nether Regions in their pants.

Of course, in all fairness, these allegations have not yet been proven.  And no one has yet established how it is that he typed these text messages with his hooves.

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