Monday, October 25, 2010

Michael Murren: The Democrats' Deadbeat Dad in Fairfield

If you are sent to jail for failing to pay over $13,000 of child support for your three children, you have a lot of balls believing that people should vote you into an office where your priorities will impact the well-being of every child in this state.

Such is the case with Michael Murren, the Democratic nominee for a state Representative seat in Fairfield.  When thrown in jail by a judge for willfully failing to pay the child support for his three children, he managed to find $6,000 pretty damned quick to bail himself out.

"It's not like I did anything criminal," he said in a revealing column by MariAn Gail Brown. Actually, you see, it is a crime.  That is why you were arrested and thrown in jail.

Interestingly, Murren's ex-wife apparently has held down three jobs to support her children, while this deadbeat dad pursues public office.  It's ridiculous.

Murren has been doing the political rounds with fellow-Fairfield area Democrat Kim Fawcett who is seeking re-election.  Fawcett should be proud of the statement her friend makes about women's and children's issues.  Of course, Fawcett doesn't withhold care from her own children... but she could learn to drive a little more carefully.

 Brown does a pretty good job of seeing through to absurdity of this guy's rather bald lies as he tries to cover up for his embarrassing dereliction of duty.

Note to Murren:  right now we are trying to throw out Democrats in Hartford who have no sense of responsibility or personal accountability.  You are stage-diving as the crowd parts.  There's no room for you in the Capitol.  You should spend a little less time pursuing personal goals like running for a political post and perhaps spend some time mending the relationship with your children which could clearly use some work.

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