Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jim O'Rourke - #4 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

One of the most disgraceful and unfortunate episodes over the past two years involving an elected Democrat was the tragic death of a DMV worker through the alleged negligence of State Representative James O'Rourke.

The details are sad. The story has no likable characters. And in the end, a life was lost. Carol Sinisgalli clearly had some issues and the cold January evening she chose to go to Digger McDuff's those problems she had were in full effect. She was severely impaired and got into an altercation with a bar patron who was in a wheelchair. She fled the bar without a coat, purse or shoes when the police were called on her.

Enter Cromwell State Representative Jim O'Rourke, whose car she climbed into in the parking lot. According to documents submitted in the civil suit initiated against O'Rourke by Sinisgalli's estate, O'Rourke was aware that the police had been called on her. He chose to drive her from the premises, unaware of where her home was.

Evidently she fought with O'Rourke and became belligerent in the car, fleeing it somewhere in Rocky Hill, without her shoes coat or purse in 14 degree winter weather.She was found the following day by a cross-country skier, having frozen to death.

This event has always raised more questions to me than answers.  I will never understand how someone could allow a severely drunken person to flee their car in 14 degree weather with no shoes, coat or purse and simply do nothing about it...  not even call authorities to try to secure her assistance if you were unable to physically manage her hostile state.

This goes to judgment.  We expect our elected officials to have some.  Rocky Hill Police wrote out a warrant for his arrest for negligent homicide but a judge refused to swear it out.  This sordid, disgraceful event earns Jim O'Rourke my designation as #4 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat.

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Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Awfully harsh.

O'Rouke did after all win the coveted Kennedy Driving Award for his actions.