Thursday, October 21, 2010

Horse F**KER

Are ya kidding me?  This has to be one of the most foul stories I have heard in some time.  Mr. Marian Weigel of Shelton stands accused of sexually assaulting a horse.

The horse, named Indiana, was apparently minding its own business in its pen at the home of Joan and Alison Flannery.  Alison, the younger Flannery, looked out her window to see Weigel behind the horse pumping his fist into the mare's backside.

Police were called, and charged him with a litany of things.  Apparently there are no bestiality laws in Connecticut - he was charged with fourth degree sexual assault.  You might think that with the litany of animal bills Annie Hornish introduced in the last two years of the legislature this one would have been covered.  Apparently it never occurred even to her that such an atrocity might be committed. Well, there ought to be a stronger penalty!

Jamming your arm elbow-deep into a horse's va-jayjay ought to earn you a greater penalty than pinching the ass of an unsuspecting passer-by. 

I'm sure the horse was asking for it...  tempting Mr. Weigel every morning, parading it's big brown naked ass in front of him all the time.  What's a poor perverted freak to do?

On top of the daily worries of large-animal owners, now they apparently have to also worry about who is coming over to try to bang their horses.

If you ask me, they ought to strap this guy down, lather his can up with horse pheromones and let a massive Clydesdale stallion give him fifteen inches of deep regrets.

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