Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Matt Lesser - #10 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

Perhaps a politician was never more appropriately named.  Diminutive in stature, maturity, and capacity, the 100th District of the General Assembly most definitely picked the LESSER of two candidates in 2008 during the Obama wave.

A far-left Wesleyan student who never held a real job or owned a home brought an embarrassingly thin resume to the table and defeated a former secret service agent named Ray Kalinowski in the district that encompasses Middletown, Middlefield and Durham.

This pre-puber political powerhouse probably brought to the table his vast treasure trove of life experiences... perhaps a noble struggle with bed-wetting, or weaning himself off his security blanket, and maybe learning to wipe himself (a struggle I'll wager continues to this day). 

As a result, the 100th District has indeed gotten LESSER of everything.  Lesser representation. Lesser fiscal restraint.  Lesser tax relief. And Lesser chest hair.

Lesser is exactly what you would expect to get by putting a school kid into a big person job.  Awkwardly negotiating the halls of power while surging through his "girls-are-yucky-phase," he has been a steady vote in favor of massive borrowing which has lowered the state's bond rating, and for massive tax hikes.  One thing LESSER does stand up and fight against is shrinking government.

This year the 100th District has an opportunity to take this likely Dungeons & Dragons halfling out of his legislative seat and put him back in a classroom seat where he belongs, working with Crayolas instead of our tax dollars.  John Szewczyk, a Hartford police officer, Durham selectman (and adult) is running to replace Lesser. They should welcome his candidacy and throw Lesser out.

If you want someone to help bring jobs back to the state, you can start by electing people who have actually had jobs.  For this reason, Matt Lesser is number 10 on my list of Democrats needing to be tossed out in 2010.


Richard Scandrett said...

Oh heavens! The play on words is simply delicious. How do you come up with such gems- I guess his name lends itself to the inherent cleverness of your site.

-An Old Army Vet Living In A TRUE Red State (Louisiana- Geaux Vitter!)

Headless Horseman said...

I don't let my children work my checkbook and I sure don't think they should have the reins of government.

I think he should go to Louisiana and run there... you know, to get some life experience.

martinbrady said...

Is this your idea of sophisticated political commentary?

Connecticut has serious problems, and you think the way to address them is to make jokes about somebody's family name and chest hair?

Shame on you.

Uncle Tomaso

Headless Horseman said...

Uncle Tomaso,
Glad you stopped by. Where did you bury Uncle Tilcon?

martinbrady said...

With your brain.