Thursday, October 21, 2010

Democrats iin North Haven Destroying Your Tax Dollars - Literally.

I know what you're saying after reading this headline...  "No Kidding!"  But I mean it in a literal sense.  In the Town of North Haven, Democrats are destroying the political signs that have been paid for by YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

The whole taxpayer-funded campaign finance system is an abomination.  While all of us struggle in this economy to pay bills, make ends meet and keep food on the table, arrogant eggheads like North Haven's Steve Fontana have voted to make sure that their political campaigns will each get $31,000 of taxpayer dollars so they can annoy us with crappy postcards, bumper stickers, radio ads and lawn signs, jamming their unattractive faces right in our grills.

Now, of course, this represents a complete inability to reconcile the state's financial crisis, our ability as taxpayers to foot the bill, and establishing legitimate spending priorities for state government.  

It appears that supporters of Steve Fontana in North Haven must be a little nervous.  It appears that Democrats in that town have taken to spending several days vandalizing the signs of his opponent, Dave Yaccarino.  Destruction of campaign signs is vandalism.  But since we are all forced to pay for the Goddamn things, these people should be charged with destruction of public property.

I enjoy stories like this because it tells me about the desperation on the left, as well as the lack of emotional maturity to be found among supporters of Steve Fontana.  Of course, to support Steve Fontana, you must support chronic imbecility.

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