Thursday, October 7, 2010

John Larson - #8 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

John Larson probably sees himself as John F.Kennedy.  I see him as Ted Kennedy, only slightly more partisan and flatulent.

Since the former Democratic State Senate leader John Larson went to Congress representing CD1 we have spent that time in awe about how good we had it with Barbara "We are all contamination" Kennelly.

Larson has been one of the most partisan rump-swabs to the Democratic leadership in Washington, catapulting his sycophantic ignoble backside to the post of Democratic Caucus Chairman.  When Nancy Pelosi speaks, Larson is right behind her holding her face skin tight as a drum.

He has haughtily asserted that he will preserve New England for Democrats, but with a new poll out today, John Larson might want to hang a little closer to home.  A CT Capitol Report poll shows that Larson's generally safe seat may not be so safe after all.  The poll shows Republican challenger Ann Brickley within seven points.

While most Democrats have spent their time running home to campaign and running away from Barack Obama and their national party identification, Larson has been running away from his district to raise money in Napa Valley and proudly touting all the water-carrying he has been doing for the Obama administration.

Sadly, Larson will likely win, but to see Brickley coming this close in a district that has been so out of reach to Republicans since redistricting a decade ago is good.  It tells a larger tale of voter dissatisfaction across the state with the failed economic policies, expensive bailouts and unaffordable national healthcare reform that Larson helped jam down the nation's throat.

I'd say he might learn a lesson, but I don't think a man with this massive an ego or sense of entitlement is capable of such wisdom.  For this reason, I name John Larson the Number Eight Democrat most deserving of defeat in Connecticut.  And I will pray for a small miracle in the First District on November 2nd.


the Debaser said...

Larson is trash. I asked him his position on a huge piece of legislation that de-regulated Wall Street, which he said he was against, except he fumbled and couldn't remember where he was when he DIDN'T show up to the vote.

Headless Horseman said...

Not shocking. Arrogance knows no accountability.