Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hopeless in Hartford

Ken Krayeske's Quixotic run in the First Congressional District is certainly without hope of victory. But he's smart enough to know that. This blogger, "reporter" activist and socialist is just trying to make a dent. That dent could be in John Larson's political face.

Krayeske used to be very entertaining. Back when Connecticut Local Politics was still around, his posts could be depended on to be the legitimate voice of the truly Marxist among us.

This ad is hilarious to me. True, Krayeske is opening with a typical communist "the machinery of capitalism is oiled with the blood of the workers" salvo. But I like the way he hits Larson with it since Larson is far from an every man's every man.

Ken is more Red than Green.  But I think everyone can agree that Jim Calhoun is an astoundingly over-paid bastard who flares up like a basket of hemorrhoids at the slightest provocation.

We have judges who are apparently getting political pressure to take furloughs and give back money, but no one is asking Calhoun to give anything up.  And as he noted himself, he won't willingly surrender even one thin dime.

The connection this ad makes, although somewhat clumsily, is that the overpaid and politically connected people on the public payroll are the very type of expense we cannot afford in this economic climate, and it is the first thing that Democrats in Hartford and men like John Larson line up to save when the chips are down.

Ken will lose in November.  But so will all the rest of us if they re-elect  a shameless tool like John Larson. One good outcome could be that if the race is actually as close as one poll has indicated it might be, Krayeske could siphon off enough votes to damage Larson.  So, run Ken, run.

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