Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Too Much Romulan Ale

If you have ever given to Rosa DeLauro's "Committee For  A Democratic Future," you did very little to elect Democrats, but you have done a great deal to give D.C. fat cats big meals and a Hell of a lot of booze.

It turns out that Rep. DeLauro and her husband Stanley Greenberg have hosted a number of gala events at their home in Washington just blocks from the Capitol.  An astounding $200,000 has been spent on these "policy dinners" provided for by this leadership PAC during the previous three years.  During that same period $27,500 has gone to the actual stated goal of the PAC to elect Democrats.

It would appear that this PAC exists purely to feed DeLauro and her connected Washington effete class.  And get them extraordinarily drunk.  Almost all of that $200,00 went to just one very special upscale liquor store which must be assumed to be her chief supplier of Romulan Ale while she spends her time on Earth corrupting our political system to weaken us for intergalactic invasion.

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