Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whoa... Easy on Bridgeport

The show "Family Guy" took a small, amusing crack at the city of Bridgeport last night.  Naturally, there is outrage among those in the city of Bridgeport who are either literate, own a television, or actually speak English.  In other words, about five people.

While it is reasonably true that Bridgeport is the home to the things cited above, they went easy on the city, failing to mention that it is the home to corrupt formerly jailed Democrats.  As we approach Christmas time we should remember that Ernest Newton was the Moses of his people.

It is also the place you can go score some chronic outside a Bluefish game or get a shiv in your neck while soliciting hookers outside a boarded up crack den.  The new motto should be "Bridgeport...  making Frog Hollow look safe since 1973."

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