Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chris Donovan & Donald Williams - #1 Democrats Most Deserving of Defeat

It's a tie- what can I say?  The leaders of our state legislature- Speaker Chris Donovan and Senate President Don Williams- have bumbled, obfuscated, prevaricated, procrastinated and lied their way through a budget crisis of their own creation, and have pushed the hard decisions off until after today's election.

They have failed in every real measurement there is of our leaders: character, responsibility, leadership, fiscal stewardship and judgment among others.

They have refused to cut anything significant from the state budget - even duplicative services, have been lapdogs of state employee unions and unwilling to let a single state employee go while unemployment in the private sector has risen over 9%.  They have borrowed over $1 billion to fund state government, and destroyed Connecticut's bond rating causing all of us to pay more to borrow that money.

In the days when being a politician was fun where there was money to throw around to every legislative pet project in the world. Residents paid little notice at the time.  But times have changed, and the times call for better than we have in these two men.

Will either of these men be defeated at the polls today?  No, I don't believe so.  But they should be defeated for something far more significant...  the leadership posts they currently hold.  Returning the Don-Don duo to power would signal to state residents that the legislature is still tone deaf to the problems out there, and that they will steam ahead with business as usual.  This should not be allowed to happen.

For this reason, I select Speaker Chris Donovan and Senate President Don Williams as the Number 1 Democrats Deserving of defeat.

Now my friends...  let's go make this list a reality today!

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mccommas said...

I voted against my Don this morning. The only guy runninig against him is a petitioning candidate. He stuck up his nose when we offered him the Republican nomination (as Democrat Sean Johnston).

I almost forgot to vote for him. He is way down on the ballot with the other also-rans.

The 29th Senate District is a ultra-safe seat for the Democrats as it is. He has no chance not even in a year like this.