Monday, November 15, 2010

Borrow... and Borrow Some More!

Once again, we will be asked to pay for the poor planning of the imbeciles in the state legislature.  And once again, we will pay far above the asking price as we will be borrowing the money.  So...  let's see what our great grandchildren are about to buy us now...

Turns out that despite warnings from the Rell administration and Republicans in the legislature, the Democrats did not budget enough money for the state's emergency energy relief program.   It may go broke as early as next month, and a special session may be called to deal with it.

By "deal with it" of course, I am referring to the way the Democrats have dealt with everything in this economic crisis; through BORROWING.  A practice that has damaged our bond rating, and caused residents of this state to pay more in interest on all the things we borrow for.

The liberal logic is typical: that dastardly bastardly budget they passed last year authorized nearly $1 billion in borrowing.  Thanks to "unanticipated" revenue streams, they only borrowed $650 million.  So if they borrow only $50 million more, they are still WELL UNDER the $1 billion they initially thought they would borrow.

Somehow, they expect us to see this as a victory.

The state budget is $19 billion...  higher than it has ever been.  In a time of economic crisis our spending has gone up.  There is no restraint with this group.  A special session will call in the same legislature that has failed all along, and with fifteen fewer Democrats, I still have no faith it will discover restraint.

Will Governor Rell approve special legislation to borrow?  What does Governor-elect Malloy think about this?

When you have a chance, thank your unborn great-grandchildren who will still be paying the foolishness of today.  They are apparently a generous lot.

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