Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Democrat I'll Miss So Much...

What will Connecticut's political landscape be like without the astounding incompetency and gross imbecility that has been the hallmark of Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz's tenure in office?

We will all be left to fondly recall Madame Secretary, desperate to be seen as Connecticut's other attorney general, jumping up and down behind Richard Blumenthal trying to be captured on camera during events like the Broadwater saga, in which she played no legitimate official role but would deceive us that she did.

We will also be left with the memories of official duties so grossly neglected that it took UConn students to discover that thousands of dead people remained registered to vote across the state, and that some of them had only taken to voting after they died.

She didn't go willingly...  the same imbecility that distinguished her official actions plagued her political ones.  While leading in the polls among Democrats running for governor early this year, she opted to run for attorney general, only she didn't realize or acknowledge that she did not have the experience required under the law. A court ruling dropped her from the race leaving her with no political options for her burgeoning ambitions.

Madame Secretary will now have plenty of time to attain the experience needed for some future run for attorney general.  In them meantime, she appears to be exiting the public stage in the same manner we have become accustomed to - incompetence!

The disgraceful fiasco in Bridgeport where there were not enough ballots available to voters, and polls were allowed to remain open until 10PM can be laid squarely at her feet.  To be so il-prepared for an event you only have to properly execute once a year is inexcusable.  She has capped this off by making an "unofficial" declaration of the victory of Dan Malloy in the governor's race - an obvious political move aimed at conveying legitimacy to one candidate's claim to victory when the numbers have not been established.

While it may be difficult to do worse than this hack in such an important office, Connecticut may have actually managed that.  Denise Merrill, the Secretary-elect who has played a major role in our fiscal woes as House Majority Leader, may be even more incompetent.  No doubt, she will easily make herself the subject of numerous postings here...  so strap yourselves down.


The King said...

One less Cylon in the ranks. I'm sure she'll land a job with Malloy. She certainly served his interest over the past several months. Must be nice to have operatives helping to run your campaign from their elected posts.

Headless Horseman said...

it's gonna be tough to find a Democrat dumber than this to make fun of. But trust me, I'll do my best.