Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Craps

In one of the more delightful stories from this past election cycle, a neighbor of a newly re-elected state representative claims to be in a fit of terror over a dummy seated on a toilet on the legislator's property.

There is clearly more to the back-story on this one than we will ever know.  But a neighbor of state representative DebraLee Hovey of Newtown claimed during the election that Hovey and her husband had made improvements to their basement that had not been reviewed by the Assessor's Office.  A real friendly neighbor obviously, but that's politics.

One of the home improvements alleged was a bathroom, hence the display at the end of Hovey's driveway aimed at her neighbor following her 62% victory over Democrat Michelle Mount on November 2nd.

The Newtown Patch has the scoop on this here.  Neighbor Patricia Campbell claims she is a victim and is terrorized by the dumping dummy.  Says she:
"I'm just scared to death and threatened," said Patricia Campbell, Hovey's neighbor. "I'm not going home now because I'm afraid. These people are bullying me. I'm fearful for my personal being, and property. I am threatened.
"That character looking down my driveway, it's not a pumpkin head, it's Scream's face. That's a killer object at the end of my driveway. One of the first things you learn as a child is that bullying is wrong. Grow up. This is scary. This isn't funny. Not at all."
So frightened for her well-being was Campbell that she called the police.   I would have loved to have been there for that.  A call to the police because there's a dummy taking a shit in your neighbor's yard.  And you're scared of it. The dummy doesn't even appear to have hands to wipe itself.

Since Ms. Campbell is apparently not going home while this evil dummy is in place, I'm not sure where she is hiding out.  She should realize from whatever safehouse she is hiding from this dummy at that she looks like a complete retard.

I know she wants to create a little drama and get some members of the public on her side, but claiming that a pair of stuffed pants and sweatshirt sitting on a flusher is a threat to your safety stretches her waning credibility.  I don't know what could compel someone to believe that a toilet could be a "killer object" but Ms. Campbell must have grown up in a household where a lot of Mexican food was eaten.

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