Monday, November 1, 2010

Dan Malloy - #2 Democrat Most Deserving of Defeat

The good news is that Democrats in Connecticut have been locked out of the Governor's mansion since 1991.  It would be better to continue that policy.

Dan Malloy is an interesting fellow who sort of comes off like a nice guy but he is far too much a whiner to imagine in control of the administration of the state's affairs.

I enjoy the contrast of Tom Foley's smooth vocal tone in response to questions being followed by Malloy's complete loss of his mental shit.  He wants to be governor, and dammit, he's pissed at you for making him wait so fucking long!

Malloy is laughably casting himself as an outsider in this election.  After 14 years as Mayor of Stamford, a city which would have certainly failed to elect him again had he not prudently avoided it, he is nothing but the career politician he pretends to loathe like the rest of us.  His choice of a running mate confirms it.  After all, what says fresh thinking more than picking the albino prune known as Nancy Wyman, the state's long-time Comptroller and former state legislator.  I mean, nothing breathes fresh air into the room like choosing the afterlife caseworker from 'Beetlejuice' who smokes through a stoma in her neck.

The Connecticut legislature currently has 114 Democrats in the 151 member House and 24 Democrats in the 36 member Senate.  After tomorrow, there should be a few more Republicans, but it's safe to say that Democrats will remain in the majority.  The last twenty years have been awful under them, but during that time we have been insulated by a Republican governor that shut them down a number of times.  Imagine a Democrat governor acting in syncopation with them.

Under Dan Malloy and a Democratic legislature, you will see higher taxes, more spending, greater debt and the expansion of our current mess.  This cannot be allowed to happen, and late-breaking polls show that Tom Foley is pulling ahead in an incredibly tight race.  He needs to get over the top for all our sakes.

This is why I choose Dan Malloy as the #2 Democrat most deserving of defeat.  Tomorrow is election day...  the day we have all been waiting for...and I will reveal my #1 selection.

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mccommas said...

If he wins there will be no one happier than the poor misunderstood boys currently on Death Row.