Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Not Working, Susan.

You would think that after she was publicly humiliated when an attempt to score cheap political points against the Bush administration exploded in her insolent face, Secretary "Sledgehammer" Bysiewicz would gave given up the issue.

Apparently she's not done embarassing herself on this one. I guess that's no surprise. She is still claiming, despite being roundly refuted on all sides, that there is an obstruction to her registering veterans to vote at U.S. Veterans Affairs facilities.

Bysiewicz continues to demonstrate either incredible ignorance and incompetence, or a willful inability to just take lumps when she was wrong by continuing to try to make herself right. Seems like a strong blend of both to me.

When it was revealed that thousands of dead people were recorded as having voted, she was caught off guard and without answers. When it comes to doing things that have to do with her primary job as Secretary of State, she is completely out of her depth and detached from whatever is happening.

But if it is a cheap photo-op, giving her an opportunity to jump up and down over Dick Blumenthal's shoulder at a press conference on Broadwater, or an excuse to exploit elderly wheelchair-bound veterans, she's all over it.

Media outlets have been extremely generous in assigning this woman a "tier two" status in the eventual Democratic gubernatorial sweepstakes for 2010. When it comes to getting her job done, she doesn't know which of her asses to put the hat on.

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Judy Aron said...

You forgot to mention how she has been all over targeting and registering Hispanic people to vote in CT for Nov 2008 - as if there aren't other minority group worth courting to get registered. I think her campaign is discriminatory and should be challenged as such.

I would love this secretary of state to do something really meaningful like make the regulations more clear on how non-citizens can be stopped from registering to vote. Right now all someone has to do is present photo ID like a drivers license (which illegals can obtain), and some utility bill to show you live here, and swear that they are citizens (like criminals already don't lie under oath???)

Local registrars of voters may not ask for proof of citizenship (like a birth certificate or passport) when someone registers to vote and the SOTS office gets around that by saying that their sworn oath is enough and anyone can be challenged at the polls (like that will ever happen in a sanctuary city like New Haven) and asked for proof when they go to vote...