Monday, April 21, 2008

Absentee Ballots. I mean REAL Absentee.

My grandfather never once voted Democrat. Until he died.
The Courant had a classic article over the weekend discussing how a large number of dead people remain on the voting rolls, and evidently some of them have become enthusiastic repeat voters following their deaths.

Now, I'm all for there being great latitudes to accommodate voters... I do like the plan Republicans in the General Assembly have to allow unrestricted use of absentee ballots... but I draw the line at death's door. If you're dead, your right to vote is in question.
I mean, think about how many more Democrats would get elected in this state with zombies being able to cast ballots. Hell, some of our Democrats in office are little more than the walking dead.

Particularly amusing about all of this is that the liberal advocates of same day voter registration, a policy that would make the voting process rife with errors and expose it to fraud, have regularly lectured us about how little fraud there is and how watertight our system is. Over 8,500 dead people were apparently found registered, many of whom apparently never voted until after their death.

Considering the fact that many municipal races and state legislative races have been decided by only a handful of votes, I'd say thousands of dead voters is a serious problem.

And what is Secretary "Sledgehammer" Bysiewicz doing about this? According to the article, a representative from her office concedes there needs to be a better way of tracking and notifying registrars of deaths.

Perhaps if Bysiewicz spent a little less time parading around the state giving out fictitious awards to prominent individuals, or pretending to be our other Attorney General, she might be able to formulate a policy about this. Instead, she inserts herself into issues like Broadwater, of which she has no authority or power, and grossly neglects the office she holds and its duties in an endless series of self-aggrandizements in pursuit of larger political offices.


Judy Aron said...

Yes, and while she is attending to the zombie vote she ought to do something to require registrars to ask people for proof of citizenship when they register. Apparently it is against the law (? show me the law!) for a registrar to actually demand proof of citizenship when people come to register.. All people have to do is to "swear" they are a citizen and that's ok (wink wink). The SOT office says that is enough and that people can be "challenged at the polls" if someone has a question.. yeah right - like that happens on election day.

Headless Horseman said...

Hmmm... challenged at the polls. Like to a duel?

If only.

mccommas said...

I read this is the Norwich Bulletin and Bitchiewicz leaped to the conclusion that there was no fraud.

Then she said she would establish an investigation.

My question is if she is so sure there was no fraud than why bother with an investigation? What for?

In my town I got a call from the Republican Registrar that the Democrats were aware that I was living out of town temporarily for a while and they tried to get me off the rolls.

And I am alive! But the wrong party I guess…

Well I intercepted their post card they send out to people they want off the rolls, signed it and sent it in.

Nice try! The next time I voted I was spoiling for fight but unfortunately they kept me on the list. I suspected my post card would get lost in the mail

-- Or the wastebasket….