Friday, April 4, 2008

Ten Pounds

The State legislature has only one month left to finish their work before their required adjournment date on May 7, 2008. Let's take a look at what they have accomplished so far!

CRIMINAL JUSTICE- they have rejected "Three Strikes" and done nothing on criminal justice reforms apart from "study" them.

TAXES - Gas tax scheduled to increase soon, but the majority doesn't want to act. We continue to pay the highest taxes in the nation, and Senate Democrats are offering their lame Earned Income Tax Credit again... no action taken on anything.

ENERGY - Ha ha ha ha! The legislature doesn't even understand our energy infrastructure, so they remain perplexed and confused on how they accidentally caused us to pay triple our going rate for electricity. Democrats have promised big changes for three years. Nothing has been done. Guess what? Nothing will be done.

TRANSPORTATION - Our roads are clogged during commute times and turn into parking lots. We have six people who ride the train from Hartford to Springfield in the morning. The transportation committee apparently approved a bill that tightens restrictions on young drivers though. Well done. Other than that, nothing.

JUDICIAL AND EXECUTIVE NOMINATIONS- Harumph! There are high ranking important people who are friends of the legislature who need to be placed in high-ranking important and high-paying jobs! The legislature has made damned sure that they have moved that business along like well-oiled machinery, lest some political appointee miss a paycheck.

The largest piece of the equation remans the budget. Democrats are offering a budget that is lower than the Governor's proosed budget. That's a good sign. But what's in it?

All of the work that the legislature has promised it would do... all the work we need them to do, is being left to these final days. They can't do it all. They are stuffing ten pounds of shit into a five pound bag. Regardless what they do, we get the same thing. A giant bag of shit.

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Maybe they'll pass something at 1:00 AM with language that nobody has read.